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connect Hotline Test: Deutsche Telekom offers the best service

  • The only provider rated “very good”
  • Highest levels of response quality achieved
  • From third place to No. 1 ranking
connect Hotline Test: Deutsche Telekom offers the best service

The trade journal “connect” has tested the hotlines operated by broadband providers in Germany. The findings: Deutsche Telekom offers the best service. Deutsche Telekom, with a total score of 426, outpointed Unitymedia and 1&1. Vodafone only managed to reach fourth place. In fact, the “connect” experts officially cited Deutsche Telekom’s performance as “very good” based on the test results.

"We are really delighted about this achievement. The test experts were independent specialists who evaluated our services in line with transparent criteria,” says Dr. Ferri Abolhassan, Director of Service at Telekom Deutschland. “The findings prove that we are on the right track with our efforts. My thanks go to all of the colleagues who always do their very best to give our customers the best service possible. And that is exactly what we will continue to do in the future. We want to improve performance even more, and we have proven that we are able do this.“

connect praises the “outstanding know-how” of customer advisors

This year Deutsche Telekom moved from its previous third-place ranking to reach the “pole position” by outpacing its competitors. “The industry leader is optimizing its service with success, as seen in the performance of the Telekom team during the hotline test: In addition to being very dedicated, the employees revealed the very best in terms of expertise when it came to questions about Wi-Fi range, ping latency, telephone number porting and much more,” said the “connect” testers. And: “They were able to clearly communicate their outstanding know-how concisely and clearly at all levels. Even a system outage, which put a strain on the hotline for several days, posed no obstacle to the delivery of remarkable customer service. Well done!”

Over a period of several weeks the testers contacted the hotlines of fixed-line and Internet providers 25 times. They evaluated availability, waiting times and the friendliness of hotline staff. The most important factor was the quality of the responses given: Was the information provided to customers correct and complete? In this category Deutsche Telekom considerably improved its competence and was the only provider to be ranked “very good” (305 out of 350 points).

Second success story within just a few weeks

Before achieving No. 1 ranking in the broadband service test, Deutsche Telekom was selected by “connect” as the industry leader among fixed-line and Internet providers when it comes to network quality. Deutsche Telekom earned 447 points in July and a “very good” ranking from “connect” in a comparison that included 1&1, Unitymedia, O2 and Vodafone in Germany.

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