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Deutsche Telekom and FC Bayern: No hate speech

  • Clear message: We decide whether to abandon the web to hate
  • FC Bayern professionals Leon Goretzka, Joshua Kimmich, and Kingsley Coman taking a stand 
  • Deutsche Telekom and FC Bayern campaigning for respectful behavior online
FC Bayern pros Leon Goretzka, Joshua Kimmich and Kingsley Coman show the red card to online haters. 

FC Bayern pros Leon Goretzka, Joshua Kimmich and Kingsley Coman show the red card to online haters. © Deutsche Telekom

Hate speech online can affect anybody – without preparation or reason but with full force. We are all responsible for deciding whether to abandon the web to hate. Every positive comment counts! And Deutsche Telekom and its sponsoring partner, FC Bayern, are now raising awareness with a new campaign. And taking part on behalf of the entire team are professional soccer players Leon Goretzka, Joshua Kimmich, and Kingsley Coman. They highlight realistic hate comments and call for more people to take a stand online. This campaign represents a continuation of the company’s and club’s joint “No hate speech” commitment. Back in spring, FC Bayern professional soccer players created plenty of attention and raised much awareness when they read out real hate comments in a Deutsche Telekom advertisement. 

“With our initiative, we hope to show hate speech the red card and also improve civil courage online. We’re delighted to have such a strong partner like FC Bayern,” explains Hiro Kishi, Head of Sponsorship at Deutsche Telekom. Christian Hahn, Head of Strategy, Marketing Communications, and Media at Deutsche Telekom, believes that companies also have a social responsibility: “Hate speech online is a danger to our democratic coexistance. It poisons our interactions, both in real life and online. We are committed to treating each other fairly and want to connect people.”

Studies show that many of us are affected by online hate – primarily young people. And that hate is silencing more and more of them: Almost one-third of young people no longer share their opinion publicly for fear of hate comments. 

231116-Videospot Telekom und FC Bayern gegen Hass im Netz

We are responsible for deciding whether to abandon the web to hate

In a new video, the FC Bayern professionals are made aware of hate messages online. On their smartphones, they see how a young person is being abused in a public chat. In fact, the young football fan only wants to play soccer with the others and have fun. Out of nowhere, he is suddenly mocked, insulted, and verbally abused: “Why don’t you just get the fuck out of here,” “you’re such a loser,” “scum” are shocking statements that are very concerning. And they happen every day. 

Leon Goretzka, Joshua Kimmich, and Kingsley Coman are shocked about the hate directed at the young man. It is clear to them: They are also responsible for deciding whether they will abandon the web to hate. The soccer stars intervene in the chat and stand protectively in front of the youngster. “Stop! We want you. Come to us!” The message here: We are actively deciding to not abandon the web to hate. Every comment counts! 

Andreas Jung, FC Bayern's Chief Marketing Officer, knows just how important solidarity and team spirit are - whether on the pitch or online: "On the pitch, the whole team stands behind every single player. We also need this solidarity on the net: Don’t look away, intervene! Hate speech online is not only an attack on people, but also on the values of our society. As FC Bayern, we stand for positive coexistence - on the pitch and in the virtual world."

Be braver to show civil courage online 

Since summer 2020, Deutsche Telekom has been campaigning for a respectful coexistence on the internet according to democratic rules with its “No hate speech” initiative. With eye-catching campaigns and strong partners, it aims to shake people up and encourage them to take a stand. Civil courage and solidarity are needed in the fight against hate speech online.

The ad campaign starts today on YouTube and various social media channels. It will also be broadcast sporadically on TV during sports programs and can also be viewed on FC Bayern’s and Deutsche Telekom’s respective social media platforms. The Munich-based Mataracan company was responsible for concept and creation. Chunk Filmproduktion from Berlin carried out production. Media planning was managed by Mindshare from Frankfurt and emetriq from Hamburg.

Working together against online hate speech

Deutsche Telekom and many partner organizations are making a stand for respectful behavior online. Together, they offer those affected more information, preventative measures, and practical support. Those interested can find further information on Deutsche Telekom’s “#nohatespeech” initiative at

About Deutsche Telekom: Deutsche Telekom Group profile

#TAKEPART in fighting for a network without hate

No Hate Speech

Words must not become a weapon. Deutsche Telekom is fighting for a network without hate in which we treat one another respectfully.