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Deutsche Telekom creates connections for life

  • “Connected like never before” is the motto of Deutsche Telekom’s 5G campaign
  • A tale of friendship based on a true story in a divided Germany
  • The message: Nothing separates us anymore with Deutsche Telekom 5G and the new iPhone

Unter dem Motto „Verbunden wie niemals zuvor“ startet die Telekom am 5. November eine 5G-Kampagne.

A balloon, two girls, a wall, and a connection for life.  Deutsche Telekom is launching its 5G campaign on November 5 under the motto “Connected like never before.” An ad telling the emotional story of a special friendship will open the campaign. That friendship began in West and East in the 1970s, transcended the Wall, and continues to this day. 31 years after the Wall came down, the COVID-19 pandemic is once again forcing people apart. They increasingly feel separated from one another. The Group aims to lift spirits with its emotional ad and show that you can count on Deutsche Telekom.

Deutsche Telekom’s core message is that nothing can cut us off from the people we love. The new iPhone 12 with 5G and Germany’s largest 5G network: Embrace #Takepart, 5G connects us like never before. Ulrich Klenke, Head of Group Brand Strategy at Deutsche Telekom, explains: “Technologies are incredibly important for people especially at times like these. Our outstanding network quality safeguards their connections. With the successful rollout of Deutsche Telekom 5G, we are once again demonstrating as a brand our innovativeness and capabilities in our markets in Europe and the United States. And differentiating ourselves clearly from the competition. In this respect, the T shines out for people as a reflection of our purpose.”

The scriptwriters took their inspiration from the true story of Stefanie Wally. In her book “Akte Luftballon (Balloon File)” the author tells the story of her friendship forged across the East and West German borders. The 6-year-old released a balloon with her address attached to it over the Wall in 1977. A few days later she received a reply from a girl of the same age living in East Germany. From then on the two were connected – an inseparable bond that continues to this day. 

Tearing down walls past and present

“The message ‘Unique together’ combines memories of the partition of Germany, the emotional story of friendship, and innovations that make this possible. Thanks to the Deutsche Telekom 5G network and the new iPhone 12Pro there is now literally nothing to separate us anymore. Together with our partner Apple we offer our customers the best 5G experience in the market,” says Christian Loefert, Head of Communication and Sales Marketing at Telekom Deutschland.

The new TV ad is the central element in the emotive 5G communications. Deutsche Telekom signed up Eugen Merher, one of the country’s most talented up-and-coming ad directors, to produce the ad. He brought the script developed by DDB to life. The moving East-West story was filmed in Berlin and includes some of the original locations.

The 360-degree campaign will run across multiple channels, including TV, online, social media, out-of-home, print, and in the Telekom Shops. The ad will air as an 89-second version and in shorter formats on channels with a broad reach. 

Germany's largest 5G network 

In recent weeks and months, Deutsche Telekom has continued working flat out to expand its 5G network. 5G is available in over 3,000 cities, towns, and municipalities across Germany, providing over 40 million people, i.e., around half of the population, with access to 5G. This applies to large cities such as Munich and Frankfurt as well as smaller municipalities. Deutsche Telekom aims to provide 5G coverage to two-thirds of the population by the end of the year. Details of the current build-out status are available online at


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