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Deutsche Telekom implements new media model in Europe

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  • Media model goes into operational implementation
  • Further partners to future-proof its media activities
  • Greatest possible efficiency, transparency, and flexibility

Greatest possible efficiency, transparency, and flexibility – Deutsche Telekom is continuing to take decisive steps to implement its new media operating model for its national and international paid media activities. The Group is fundamentally realigning its media model to future-proof its media operations in response to the ongoing digitization of the marketing communications and media ecosystems. Deutsche Telekom now announces the appointment of further partners to implement the new model across Europe.

According to Dr. Christian Hahn, Vice President of Marketing Communications, Strategy and Media at Deutsche Telekom, this is another major step in redefining the company's media management. “The focus is now on operational implementation of this innovative model with the selected suppliers.”

The new media model has five key lots or components forming building blocks that cover the Group’s paid media activities. Within the lot Media Strategy & Steering, Deutsche Telekom will assume active guardianship and control by building internal competency to manage and steer its paid media activities. For the lot Media Analytics Services (marketing mix and multi-touch attribution modeling), the Group has now appointed Neustar and Objective Partners

across Europe.

Furthermore, emetriq, a wholly-owned Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, has been awarded the contract for Programmatic Operations, including social media buying. "This will ensure data-driven and automated buying of media from a single, internal source," says Dr. Christian Hahn.

For Search Advertising & Affiliate Marketing Services, Deutsche Telekom will adopt a strategy of local best-in-class solutions and has decided against appointing a European-wide supplier. In November 2017, Telekom announced the appointment of GroupM as its new agency partner for Campaign Planning and Media Buying Services.

“The model's holistic approach will assist us in forming a joint go-to-market approach for marketing and sales activities,” says Gunter Fritsche, Vice President Sales and Service Internet at Telekom Deutschland.

By redefining its media activities and progressively implementing the new model in its European markets, Deutsche Telekom is future-proofing its media operations and defending and strengthening its leadership position.

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