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Deutsche Telekom is Europe's most valuable brand

  • Telekom ranks eleventh worldwide with brand value of USD 62.9 billion
  • Group confirms second place among the world's leading telcos
  • Positive brand development thanks to successful umbrella brand strategy as well as business and technological successes
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With a brand value about USD 62.9 billion, Deutsche Telekom is the most valuable brand in Europe and is ranked worldwide in a strong eleventh place. © DTAG

Deutsche Telekom is the most valuable brand in Europe for the first time. According to the report, it also ranks first among the world's leading German companies - ahead of Mercedes-Benz and the Allianz Group. In the overall ranking of the "Brand Finance Global 500" study published today, the experts put the Group in a strong eleventh place. This means that it has improved by six places compared with the previous year. The survey also confirms the company's second place among global telcos - behind Verizon and well ahead of AT&T and Orange. Telekom thus remains Europe's number one telco brand by a wide margin. The most valuable brand worldwide is Amazon, ahead of Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Telekom's successful performance is based on its current brand value, the highest in the company's history. This amounts to USD 62.9 billion. The increase compared with the previous year (USD 60.2 billion) is 5 percent and is once again at a high level. Since 2020 the brand value has increased by 58 percent. 

"Telekom scores again as one of the world's most valuable brands with an upward trend. The fact that we have managed to become the strongest brand in Europe is a huge success for the Group and makes me particularly happy," said Telekom Chief Brand Officer Ulrich Klenke. "The positive development of brand value shows that we are successful with our global umbrella brand strategy. The result also reflects our economic and technological successes in Europe and the United States." A strong brand is an expression of a strong company, continues Ulrich Klenke. It increases the attractiveness for business partners and investors. The positive brand growth is also an expression of the trust that customers and the public place in Deutsche Telekom, he said.

Telekom climbs to a strong eleventh place in the global comparison of the most valuable brands.

Telekom climbs to a strong eleventh place in the global comparison of the most valuable brands. © Brand Finance

Telekom in eleventh place worldwide

The British consulting firm again attributes the significant increase in Deutsche Telekom's brand value to positive economic and technological development. This is primarily due to the successful course of business and high customer growth, especially in the United States. In addition, the Group continues to score with sustained investments in network quality, digital technologies and customer service. The uniform umbrella brand strategy at international level also enables Deutsche Telekom to further strengthen its brand among its customer groups. The T brand, for example, benefits from global efficiency advantages across different countries - especially on the way from a challenger brand in the United States to an established market leader, as is the case in Germany and some other European countries. In addition, on a global level, the brand's reputation and recommendations continued to increase. According to the experts, these factors and the associated high level of customer satisfaction have given the brand additional momentum. 

Brand Finance Global 500

Brand Finance is a leading global independent brand valuation and brand analysis consultancy headquartered in London. The institute ranks the world's 500 most valuable brands according to their brand value in U.S. dollars. The brand values are calculated on the basis of what royalties a company would have to pay if it did not own the brand. In addition to brand value, each of the 500 brands is assigned a brand rating. Following the pattern of credit ratings, this value represents a benchmark of the strengths, risks and potential of a brand compared to those of its competitors. For more information on the "Brand Finance Global 500" study, please visit

Other studies also confirm Deutsche Telekom's positive brand trend. For example, the "Global Top 100 Brand Corporations Study" by the European Brand Institute ranks Deutsche Telekom as the most valuable German brand. According to this study, the Group ranks ahead of Volkswagen, SAP, Mercedes-Benz and BMW in a global comparison of German brands. In addition, the BrandZ study "Top100 Most Valuable Global Brands" ranks Deutsche Telekom as the second most valuable German brand, just behind SAP.

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