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Deutsche Telekom modernizes the T on its Group Headquarters

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  • New high-tech digital signage display used for the first time in a company logo structure 
  • Now the T logo can be animated in multiple colors 
  • The Deutsche Telekom experience brand launches with a floral greeting for Valentine's Day
Telekom will animate the T for the upcoming Valentine's Day with a floral greeting.

Telekom will animate the T for the upcoming Valentine's Day with a floral greeting.

A first for Germany: The rooftop magenta-colored T-logo on Deutsche Telekom's headquarters has been given a facelift in the form of a new high-tech digital signage display. The move is the first-ever use of the new display technology in a company logo. Deutsche Telekom has modernized its prominent brand symbol in Bonn with light technology that can play multicolored animations over the surface of the large rooftop T, which is five meters tall and weighs 1.5 tons. The company's plans for the new display call for visual presentations of socially and seasonally relevant topics. The display will come to life on February 14 with a floral greeting for Valentine's Day. 

“The T stands for strong connections between people, for digital participation, high quality, and high performance,” explained Ulrich Klenke, Deutsche Telekom’s Chief Brand Officer. “The technical versatility of the modern T-logo underlines our flexibility, empathetic customer focus, and innovative spirit.”

Innovative high-tech digital signage display with LEDs

Deutsche Telekom decided to modernize its rooftop T-logo as part of a pending update of the lighting systems at its headquarters facility. For the makeover, specialists removed the T's acrylic panels and neon lights, to expose the T's structural framework. Then they dressed up the framework in a high-tech "outfit" featuring a custom-tailored, weatherproof and magenta-colored thin video display with individually controllable pixels. The new display technology turns the logo's surface into an LED wall that can show both images and video. The display is digitally controlled via a content management system. 

The company plans to coordinate animations on the T with the visuals on the 30-meter LED strips adorning the pedestrian bridge. It connects its headquarters with the Telekom Campus on the other side of the adjacent main road (the B9). Along with the Valentine's Day greeting, the content initially planned for the new display includes a winter motif with the message "Stay warm and cozy”, a spring setting, and various stagings of the magenta theme. In addition, that content will be complemented by regionally themed messages focused on cultural activities and sports. 

The display's brightness can be adjusted to the ambient light, in keeping with the twin aims of optimizing viewing and saving electricity. At the same time, it has a high basic luminance. More than 11,000 individually controllable RGB LEDs deliver a pixel pitch of 37 millimeters. Media content on the display is easily visible during the day, and in twilight or darkness the media content is dimmed down to 30 percent of its maximum brightness. As a result, the modernization is sustainability oriented.

Key data

  • Deutsche Telekom's magenta T-brand is one of the world's best-known and most-valuable brands. 
  • The rooftop T on the company's Bonn headquarters has been the most prominent company logo in the Bonn skyline since 1995, when the headquarters facility was completed. 
  • The T logo is located on the Group Headquarters facility at a height of 26 meters. It is five meters tall, four meters wide, and 0.5 meters thick. It weighs 1.5 tons. Together with the four digits accompanying it, the logo has a total width of 10 meters.
  • Deutsche Telekom's use of the high-tech digital signage display marks the first time this new display technology has been used in a company logo structure in Germany. 
  • The video panels on each side both consist of more than 11,000 individually controllable RGB LEDs. The pixel pitch is 37 millimeters.
  • The LEDs generate a luminance of 5,000 lumens per m².
  • Content for the new display is being designed in cooperation with flora&faunavisions, Berlin.

The T is a strong brand

Deutsche Telekom has been investing in its brand for decades, with each and every communication. Few companies are as strongly associated with their logo and color as Deutsche Telekom is – even beyond its own sector. Anyone who sees the magenta T knows what it means: Deutsche Telekom, with all of its innovativeness and quality, is doing good things here! This is why the company gives top priority to the protection of its brand.

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