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Deutsche Telekom supports refugees from Ukraine

Update April 7, 2022Due to the high demand, Telekom operates its own issuing points and cooperates with local aid organizations. The SIM cards are issued there and no longer in the stores.

You can find a daily updated list here.

  • Free SIM cards in Europe 
  • Support for aid organizations in setting up call centers
  • Equipping accommodation for refugees with Wi-fi
  • Free calls and SMS to Ukraine 

Deutsche Telekom supports refugees from Ukraine. The Board of Management has put together a comprehensive package of measures. Deutsche Telekom will continue to supplement and expand its assistance in the coming weeks. In Germany, Telekom is providing free SIM cards with unlimited data volume and unlimited telephony via official aid organizations in coordination with the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. The first 5,000 cards are already being distributed, with the focus currently on Berlin. This is the first stopover for most trains carrying refugees. Local coordination is handled by the Berlin State Office for Refugee Affairs. Deutsche Telekom will also support the Friedland reception center in Lower Saxony and other institutions with SIM cards.

Deutsche Telekom is also helping aid organizations to set up call centers to advise refugees on all issues. This is currently being done in Hamburg and Cologne, for example. In addition to special hotlines, Deutsche Telekom also provides telephone systems, smartphones, tablets and routers. Telekom's fleet management is providing vehicles to support aid convoys heading for the Polish-Ukrainian border.

"Our solidarity goes out to Ukraine and all those affected by the Russian war of aggression. But solidarity alone is not enough. Action counts," said Tim Höttges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom. "We are focusing on what we do best: Connecting people."

Support for the people of Ukraine and their families is also being provided by the European subsidiaries and T-Mobile US. For example, they also provide telephony and text messaging to Ukraine as well as roaming in Ukraine free of charge. In the border regions in particular, refugees are also receiving prepaid cards. In Poland alone, 100,000 cards have already been issued, in Romania 20,000. 

Accommodation for refugees is also being provided with free Wi-fi access. In some countries, the employees are engaging themselves in coordination with local NGOs, UNICEF and the Red Cross. Many employees participate in donating money, clothes, and toys to refugees. They provide shelter and look for other ways to help where it is needed most.

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Free SIM cards are now also available in Deutsche Telekom shops for refugees from Ukraine.

Free SIM cards for refugees from Ukraine

Free SIM cards are now also available in Deutsche Telekom shops for refugees from Ukraine.