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Deutsche Telekom, Bosch, and Foundation Collaborate to Advance AI

  • Bosch and Deutsche Telekom: Pioneers in AI and Web3 technologies.
  • Deutsche Telekom is the first corporate partner to join the Foundation.
  • Deutsche Telekom MMS: Validator in the blockchain. 
Deutsche Telekom, Bosch and cooperates on AI.

Deutsche Telekom, Bosch and the Foundation cooperate to advance AI, Web3 and blockchain. ©

Deutsche Telekom joins the Foundation as the first corporate partner. The Foundation promotes state-of-the-art AI and Web3 technologies on the network. The focus is on promoting an open platform that is accessible to a broad user base. The Foundation was founded by Bosch and as a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands. As a validator, Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary MMS also secures the decentralized blockchain.

Deutsche Telekom, Bosch and - a forward-looking partnership 

Deutsche Telekom MMS holds a pivotal position as both a member and validator, ensuring network security during the integration of devices, individuals, and services into the blockchain. The core of this technology relies on AI-driven autonomous agents, which manage resources, conduct transactions, and analyze traffic flows. services are currently accessible across various sectors including healthcare, automotive, supply chain management, and digital identities.

"The collaboration between Deutsche Telekom, and Bosch is groundbreaking and combines industrial applications with the Internet of Things. Autonomous agents will automate industrial services, simplify processes and make them secure and scalable thanks to blockchain technology," says Dirk Röder, Head of the Web3 Infrastructure & Solutions Team at Deutsche Telekom MMS. 

Pioneers in the interaction of technology

The blockchain, built on the Cosmos protocol, operates as an open-source platform, allowing public access to its source code on a global scale. The convergence of blockchain and AI is spearheading a significant shift driving industry transformation and creating new opportunities for innovation and collaboration. Blockchain technology ensures secure and transparent storage and transmission of data, enhancing AI capabilities by providing access to reliable data sets. Moreover, AI can leverage blockchain to analyze transactions and make informed decisions. Web3 enables these technologies to construct a decentralized internet, granting users enhanced privacy and control while stimulating innovation across sectors like finance, healthcare, and automotive.

"This partnership is a significant milestone for Through research, development and practical application of agents, AI and decentralized Web3 technologies, real-world use cases can be integrated to enhance the existing network", says Humayun Sheikh, CEO of 

Deutsche Telekom MMS will participate with at the Bosch Connected Experience (BCX) on February 28 and 29, Europe's largest IoT and AI hackathon, where new ideas will be developed on the blockchain. "For Bosch, the collaboration with Deutsche Telekom is an important step in advancing the topic of AI and Web3." In addition to Bosch's automotive expertise, Deutsche Telekom is contributing its infrastructure and expertise as a telecommunications provider to the Foundation," adds Peter Busch, Head of Distributed Ledger Technology Mobility at Bosch and Chair of the Board of the Foundation.

About Deutsche Telekom: Deutsche Telekom Group profile

About the Foundation: The Foundation is a non-profit organization founded and governed by representatives from and Bosch. The Foundation’s mission is to drive the advancement of artificial intelligence and Web3 technologies, with a focus on creating a collaborative ecosystem for industry participants that is poised to unlock new innovations and business opportunities. The Foundation promotes an open and transparent ecosystem based on data sovereignty and balanced governance to foster innovation and cooperation between industry participants through collective research and development, collaborative applications, shared initiatives and the discovery of valuable business models. To learn more, please visit



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