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Fairphone 4: 5G meets sustainability

  • First sustainable 5G-enabled smartphone 
  • Five-year warranty, electronic waste-neutral and fair materials
  • Available for order from Telekom as of today 
Fairphone 4 Models

The Fairphone 4 is an important step toward achieving the climate targets throughout the supply chain. © Deutsche Telekom AG

In June, Deutsche Telekom and the manufacturer Fairphone announced: "Together, we want to make consumers more aware of the issue of sustainability in the electronics industry. The two companies are now taking the next step with the Fairphone 4. Deutsche Telekom will be marketing the world's first sustainable 5G-capable smartphone in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands from September 30.

"Many of our customers want sustainable offerings that are also technically innovative. With its approach, Fairphone is a partner that credibly meets Telekom's requirements for sustainable end devices - with the Fairphone 4 now also in the area of 5G. In this way, Fairphone also supports the achievement of our climate targets in the supply chain. With its excellent 5G network, which is powered 100 percent by renewable energy, DeutscheTelekom provides the climate-friendly framework for surfing, streaming or exchanging data," says Birgit Klesper, Group Corporate Responsibility.

Sustainable, durable, fair

With its holistic approach, Fairphone is a manufacturer that meets Telekom's requirements for sustainable end devices. "Our customers want holistic, sustainable offerings. Part of this is our network, which is 100 percent renewable. But 80 percent of the emissions generated during the lifetime of a smartphone are due to production. With the Fairphone 4, we are taking an important step toward achieving our climate targets throughout the supply chain," says Birgit Klesper, Senior Vice President Group Corporate Responsibility at Deutsche Telekom.

Five-year warranty

Like its predecessors, the Fairphone has a modular design. In this way, it saves resources and reduces emissions. However, much is new. While the shell of the Fairphone 3 was still made of 40 percent recycled plastic, the Fairphone 4 is wrapped in 100 percent recycled material. Fairphone has also expanded its list of fairly sourced materials from 8 to 14. These include gold, aluminum and tin. Furthermore, Fairphone improves working conditions throughout the supply chain.

The Fairphone 4 is the first electronic waste-neutral mobile phone on the market: for every Fairphone 4 sold, the company recycles a phone or electronic waste in the same quantity. Alternatively, Fairphone refurbishes at least one phone to prevent the production of a new device. This means one hundred percent compensation of the material that is put on the market. On top of that, the manufacturer provides a five-year warranty at no additional cost to the customer. Fairphone also guarantees the long-term availability of spare parts and software support. The aim is to encourage users to use their phones for longer.

Fairphone's social and environmental efforts are also proved by third parties: Fairphone 4 is the first smartphone certified according to TCO Certified, a third-party sustainability certification for IT products. It has also received a top score of 85/100 points in the Eco Rating, an industry-wide labeling of Deutsche Telekom and other leading European mobile operators in the field of sustainability.

Dual camera system with 48 megapixels

And the technology? The new Fairphone supports the modern mobile standard 5G. It is available with either 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage or 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. It also comes with a 6.3-inch HD+ display and a replaceable 3,905 mAh battery. Above all, the Fairphone 4 impresses with its dual-camera system with 48 megapixels and 25 megapixels for selfies.

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The Fairphone 4 is now available for pre-order from Telekom. Delivery will start on October 25. For the Fairphone 4 with 128 GB of internal storage, customers on Deutsche Telekom's green network, for example, pay just 1 euro on the MagentaMobil M rate with top smartphone. The smartphone costs EUR 579 for the 128 GB version in gray.

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