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Home network of the future: Deutsche Telekom offers hybrid solution for 5G

  • Deutsche Telekom launches field test for Hybrid 5G 
  • Speedport Smart 4 becomes first router with 5G receiver to be hybrid-capable
  • Hybrid enables best combination of fixed-network and mobile connection
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In order to make the benefits of 5G available to all customers soon, Deutsche Telekom is offering a field test for 800 interested parties until August 2022. © DTAG

Deutsche Telekom offers the best of both worlds - and now enables hybrid with the modern wireless standard 5G. In combination with an outdoor 5G receiver, the Speedport Smart 4 router enables more bandwidth and a more stable home network. As part of a field test, 5G will be available exclusively and free of charge as an add-on option to existing fixed-network rates from November 29.

Offer for more bandwidth in the home network 

In order to make the benefits of 5G available to all customers soon, Deutsche Telekom is offering a field test for 800 interested parties until August 2022. The basis is the Speedport Smart 4 WLAN router, which becomes hybrid-capable in combination with a 5G receiver. Participants will receive the receiver free of charge during the test period. It is not yet possible to make a statement on pricing for the regular product launch. The prerequisite for participation is an existing Deutsche Telekom fixed-network line with a MagentaZuhause rate plan and 5G reception. The 5G option with up to 500 Mbit/s additional speed can be added free of charge. Testers therefore only pay for their existing Deutsche Telekom rate plan and the router. The Speedport Smart 4 is available for 5.95 euros in the "Smart home network package" or for a one-time purchase of 169.99 euros. Anyone who already has a Speedport Smart 4 can continue to use it. Customers can request telephone support from the Deutsche Telekom service team when installing the WLAN router and 5G receiver. Interested parties can register here

Outdoor receiver brings 5G benefits to the home

In combination with a 5G receiver, the Speedport Smart 4 offers an even more faster home network with all the benefits of Hybrid 5G. To achieve this, the weatherproof 5G receiver is attached to the outside facade or a window, for example. This is where it can best receive the signals from the 5G network. If data from the Internet could be transmitted faster than the fixed-network line allows, the WLAN router automatically adds the bandwidth of the 5G network. This is particularly practical when the whole family is surfing the Internet at the same time and transferring large amounts of data, such as when streaming or gaming. Hybrid 5G also offers more speed for users who work from home and retrieve and send large volumes of data.

Hybrid 5G makes Deutsche Telekom network faster 

For the use of the fast 5G network at home, Deutsche Telekom relies on Hybrid 5G as a further development of Hybrid LTE. The combination with the 5G network provides users with additional capacity to their existing Internet connection. This is particularly helpful in areas that are currently supplied with low fixed-network bandwidths. Until fiber-optic expansion has progressed nationwide, the Speedport Smart 4 in conjunction with the 5G receiver offers simple and reliable access to the 5G network. In addition to the extra speed, Hybrid also ensures voice and data traffic at the connection - for example, in the event of an outage due to construction work. Thanks to Hybrid 5G, Deutsche Telekom customers benefit from more performance, increased stability and additional capacity.

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Speedport Smart 4 and Speed Home WLAN on shelf

Speedport Smart 4 and Speed Home WLAN

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