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Intelligent building management from the network: Telekom ensures good room climate

  • Telekom offers IoT bundle for optimal building management 
  • Sensors measure motion, temperature, humidity and CO2 
  • Digital solution for better room climate and utilization of office spaces
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Smart facility management with IoT: Digitally recorded data provides a more accurate understanding of employee habits, property usage and cost drivers. Download

Deutsche Telekom uses sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) to ensure optimal indoor air and cleanliness in buildings. Telekom's new IoT bundle solution "Building Monitoring & Analytics" provides companies with important information on the best possible utilization of building space. Building services can thus be optimized and energy efficiency increased.

A good room climate ensures a sense of well-being. Temperature, humidity and CO2 level are the most important factors. By law, owners of real estate and employers are obliged to ensure a healthy working environment. Temperature, humidity and CO2 levels are the most important factors. Property owners and employers are required by law to ensure a healthy working environment.

IoT bundle designed for facility management

Telekom's room sensors measure temperature, humidity and C02 levels. Motion detectors show which rooms have been used and to what extent. They record when doors and windows are opened. How much energy is consumed. How often paper towels run out in the toilets. This data is collected in Telekom's IoT platform "Connected Things Hub" based on Microsoft Azure. Special software analyzes and visualizes this data almost in real time.

The facility manager receives an alarm when certain threshold values are exceeded, so he can take controlling measures. For example, have rooms cleaned or maintained. Or actively improve the room climate. According to the utilization of the building surfaces, data-based decisions can be made over letting or renting out. At the same time, there is proof that all values are within the legally required limits. 

According to the customer's requirements, Telekom's IoT bundle can be adapted and expanded. The data is encrypted and stored in accordance with German data privacy regulations. The IoT solution was developed in close cooperation with Telekom real estate management Group Supply Services.

IoT makes buildings smart

Together with its partner ISS Facility Services, Deutsche Telekom is showing the new IoT bundle at EXPO REAL. The Internet of Things makes buildings "smart”. Juergen Paetz, responsible for "Smart Building" at Deutsche Telekom, and Dr. Alexander Granderath, Country Manager of ISS Facility Services, will discuss this topic at the trade fair. The panel "Smart Building & IoT - Evolution or Revolution" will take place on 8 October from 10:00 to 10:45 a.m. in the "Presentation Forum" for exhibitors in the south of Hall A1.

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