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IFA – Deutsche Telekom gives live demonstrations of 5G

  • First European 5G network demonstrates the possibilities of the future
  • 5G live network takes IFA visitors to a whole new dimension
  • Visitors to Deutsche Telekom’s booth can try out applications for themselves

The first 5G applications are now live – visitors to Deutsche Telekom’s booth have an early opportunity to try out the new communications standard for themselves.

From speed tests for mobile surfing at gigabit speeds to impressive mixed reality applications, they can see the benefits of 5G first hand. The Deutsche Telekom network is already showing how 5G is making the world more exciting for users. 5G doesn’t just deliver ultrafast internet – the 5G future is also one that is exceptionally mobile and interactive. 

To take just one example, Deutsche Telekom is using its 5G network to transport visitors into the “Weltballon” tethered balloon in the heart of Berlin. This is one of the world’s largest tethered balloons and is among the city’s most popular attractions. During the trade fair, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view from a height of 150 meters. A camera on the balloon will use 5G to send high-resolution 360° images to special VR (virtual reality) headsets at the exhibition grounds.

Europe’s first 5G network will transmit the live stream’s large volumes of data. Deutsche Telekom activated the 5G network in the Mitte district of Berlin in May 2018. The images will be sent from the city center to the exhibition site at lightning speed. The extremely high data throughput rates and high-resolution live streams are a key advantage of this new technology. This virtual balloon ride is part of a range of exhibits in the outdoor zone of Deutsche Telekom’s booth in Hall 21a, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the benefits of 5G, first hand.

Visitors can discover just how much this new technology can enhance their experience, such as in online multiplayer gaming, where 5G offers extremely rapid response times.

This high-performance 5G technology transfers data much faster than previous solutions and offers far shorter response times. These benefits can be harnessed by a much larger group within a single cell site.

Visit Deutsche Telekom’s booth in hall 21a at the IFA trade show in Berlin from August 31 until September 5 to experience our products and services live. Deutsche Telekom’s entire presence at the trade fair is carbon-neutral – all CO2 emissions generated in setting up and operating the booth are fully offset by carbon-reduction projects abroad.

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