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MWC 2024: The different communication of tomorrow

  • AI smartphone does pesky things automatically on demand.
  • Future router can be a prudent robot or an eloquent hologram.
  • The DT network becomes the patron saint of the devices connected to it.
View of Deutsche Telekoms stall at MWC 2024 with slogan "Connecting your world".

Deutsche Telekom at Mobile World Congress 2024. © Deutsche Telekom

Many people are talking about artificial intelligence, Deutsche Telekom (DT) is making it clear how communication with AI could develop. "AI has arrived in our world and is here to stay. At this year's Mobile World Congress, we will be showing how Magenta AI can improve and enhance everyday life. Our networks are already being built with and for AI for people. With the help of T-Cars or chatbots for fiber optic technicians. And our networks will become even smarter. They will protect you from the moment you go online. And become the brain of digital progress. For people and companies. This is how we connect your world", says Claudia Nemat, Board Member for Technology and Innovation, describing DT's approach. Inspired by this guiding principle, the Group is presenting design studies and concepts in Barcelona where a wide variety of AI models are already playing a major role.

AI for as many people as possible 

Nemat has brought her concept for the generation of AI smartphones with her to the Mobile World Congress (MWC). These prototypes are dialog-oriented and perform complex sequences of tasks seamlessly and automatically. Claudia Nemat is aware that well-known device manufacturers have also taken this step: "Upcoming top models will of course offer functions based on artificial intelligence. However, we are also working on devices for normal users. There should be something for everyone. A pocket concierge on our T Phones, for example." The concept creates a new usage scenario for such phones, where an AI-based assistant waits for voice input from its users. For example, finding the bus to the airport, finding a connecting flight, booking the shuttle to the hotel and a room with a view of the sea - these days, it takes patience, time and a series of apps or the internet browser. What if spoken instructions or a short text were enough? 

This is what DT is asking itself together with its partners Qualcomm and There are currently two concepts - each with a different approach. The T Phone evolution uses AI power from the cloud and virtually outsources the energy-hungry computing operations. Qualcomm's approach favors short paths and therefore moves the AI directly to the device. This saves the effort and transmission time of data transfers and, depending on the scenario, even works offline. Each solution has individual strengths. The current test phase will show how these strengths play out in a wide variety of situations. 

Router in second life

At home, such a next-generation phone could meet a router at eye level. From DT's point of view, the router of the future will definitely be more than just a connection genius in the corner of the room. To this end, the company has brought three design studies to Barcelona, the series of which is entitled "Concept T". Assuming that AI, Web 3, computer vision and XR will have a significant influence on the way we communicate, peripheral devices will take on other forms and tasks. One example: DT is normally wary of looking into the crystal ball, but this year it is even bringing one with it to Barcelona. Among other things, an avatar assistant in the form of a hologram is waiting to engage in dialog with users.

Those who would rather have something to touch will get a router version in the shape of a robot instead. Cheeky look included. If you give it some space and let it run around your home, you'll be amazed at what this router robot XXL can do. Thanks to its "green thumb", it will let you know if its sensor notices that the houseplants need watering. Too inflexible? DT can also do it as a modular system, which is why the third design study has a range of add-on and expansion options - depending on the scenario. These are simply draped over the basic element and are both a decorative element in the living space and a functional element.  

Protection from the net

"Magenta Security on Net" is already closer to the finished product. The exhibit to try out at the trade fair booth shows the goal that a mixed development team of network and security experts is working towards. Every device with a SIM card in the Deutsche Telekom network - whether it is a company smartphone, a car, an elevator or a wind turbine - can be protected to a special degree in the future. From 2025, DT will provide this protection solely from its network. This has a number of advantages. Some of today's protection functions on the market are complex and therefore have a high barrier to entry. Integrating mobile devices securely into a company network can be time-consuming, as can keeping an eye on the security of these devices in real time. Being able to provide this basic security from the network alone, without the need to install and configure additional software, is a unique selling point in the European market for Magenta Security on Net.

Depending on industry and business customer requirements, this basic protection can be strengthened in levels. This enables a seamless transition from the corporate network to Deutsche Telekom's mobile network without having to change individual standards and security guidelines. The strengths of current IT trends, such as an architecture based on Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and zero-trust network access, thus continue to have a seamless effect, and raise a company's technical security to a new level.

Ideal conditions for live TV productions

Nevion also benefits from this convenience offered by advanced networks. At the Mobile World Congress, parent company Sony and DT will be demonstrating what the programming interfaces of the 5G network are capable of. In a successful test, the two tech giants connected Nevion's VideoIPath platform via these application programming interfaces (APIs). The CAMARA-standard network APIs offer optimized, low response times with stable bandwidth. Nevion's VideoIPath platform orchestrates different media with each other and is particularly dependent on this. The quality of these services can be dynamically adjusted on demand. Real-time network information contributes to this. 5G technology is flexible, widely available and more cost-effective than other transmission paths - perfect for video production companies.

5G becomes independent

With such tests, DT is continuing its commitment to broadcasting live events. In the fall of 2023, the company announced the commercial launch of 5G live video production via network slicing technology together with RTL. And this also requires technically advanced networks with an ecosystem in which all 5G network features - such as network slicing - are interlinked and support a wide variety of scenarios and requirements. Deutsche Telekom's network has been technically ready for 5G standalone since December 2021. Over several development stages, the day is approaching when the 5G network will be able to operate without 4G in the core network. All customers will be able to use it in the second half of 2024.

Small mast big time 

The ultra-mobile "mobile mast-to-go" has also taken a similar development step. It has become significantly smaller and lighter. Nevertheless, the new version boasts higher capacities and enables even more flexible use in mobile networks, as it can work with additional frequencies. In addition to 2.6 and 3.6 gigahertz, the antennas now also use the spectrum at 1.8 and 2.1 gigahertz as well as the exclusive 5G frequencies in the 3.7 gigahertz range. These so-called "industrial frequencies" are used in campus networks. This means that the "mobile mast-to-go" cuts a fine figure on company premises, in disaster areas and at events such as the 2024 European Football Championship - where it will literally be a live presence.

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View of Deutsche Telekoms stall at MWC 2024 with slogan "Connecting your world".

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