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Narrowband IoT convinces in field trial in buildings

The real estate service provider ista has tested the network technology narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) in buildings together with Deutsche Telekom. The new technology scored well with very high availability. 

Narrowband IoT convinces in field trial in buildings

Narrowband IoT convinces in field trial in buildings.

In 99.75 per cent of the cases, it was possible to establish a stable connection that enabled rapid, energy-optimised data transmission. Therefore, NB-IoT well exceeds the performance of existing technologies such as GSM, UMTS and LTE.

Biggest field trial so far 

For the biggest field trial of its kind so far, Deutsche Telekom made available its company-own machine and sensor network (NB-IoT) based on a licensed spectrum. This network already covers large parts of Germany and eight other European countries as well as the USA. The real estate service provider ista provided access to over 500 metering points in some 60 apartments in the Cologne/Bonn area. In addition, ista made its NB-IoT-capable devices available for the tests. The measurements themselves were performed by the independent consultants P3 communications GmbH. 

"Today we already have over 23 million IoT-capable devices in use throughout Europe and the number is increasing every day," says Achim Dicke, Chief Technology Officer at ista. "The successful field trial shows that narrowband-IoT has everything that is needed to become the new, globally interoperable standard in the low-energy machine-to-machine or M2M communication sector. And this applies not only outside buildings but even nationwide in buildings themselves and for the measurement of energy consumption just as for further services that require stable and energy-efficient data transmission." 

"Telekom's machine and sensor network has fully demonstrated its capability during this stress test and meets our expectations," says Dr Felix Wunderer, who is responsible for IoT Product and Portfolio Management at Telekom. "Our mobile IoT strategy is proving to be successful: as the forerunner of 5G, NB-IoT is already available in large parts of Germany and Europe for commercial use for the rapidly growing IoT ecosystem."
The results of the field trial can be read in the whitepaper here.

Successful technology partnership 

The pilot project is part of a technology partnership between ista and Deutsche Telekom. Together the two companies are investigating how NB-IoT can be optimally used for the end-to-end communication of battery-powered devices in buildings. Data traffic is expected to increase as the number and spread of NB-IoT-capable devices grow. At the same time, further technical optimisations based on more field trials will increase the performance of the network. As a result, within the next few years narrowband IoT could already become the new standard for many applications in buildings. 

About ista 
ista is one of the leading companies in improving energy efficiency in the building sector. With our products and services, we help to sustainably save energy, CO2 and costs. ista has specialized in sub-metering, which is the individual metering, billing and transparent visualization of consumption data for multi-family buildings and commercial properties. The company employs more than 5,500 people in 24 countries worldwide and helps roughly twelve million apartments and commercial properties to save important resources. The ista Group recorded sales of EUR 881.1 million in 2017. More information is available at and

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