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The best of both worlds - surf faster at home with Hybrid 5G

  • Hybrid 5G package consisting of Speedport Smart Router and weatherproof 5G receiver combines fixed and mobile networks
  • Rent Speedport Smart Router and use 5G receiver at a discount
  • Offer starts on October 05, 2023
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Until January 31, 2024, the 5G receiver is available in a package with the Speedport Smart 4 for just EUR 6.95 per month and thus at no extra charge. © Deutsche Telekom

With Hybrid 5G, Telekom bundles fixed and mobile networks for fail-safe and fast Internet. The new MagentaZuhause Hybrid rates will make Internet access at home significantly faster from October 5, 2023. Depending on the variant, up to 250 Mbit/s download and 40 Mbit/s upload via mobile communications will be added. The prerequisite for this is corresponding mobile coverage.

The new hybrid rates cost the same monthly price as the regular rates. The 5G receiver is included in the package with the Speedport Smart 4 router, at a monthly rental price of EUR 6.95. This price is permanent if the contract is signed by January 31, 2024. 

Fast and secure: fixed network and mobile communications combined

Modern technology makes it possible: The WLAN router independently connects to the mobile network via the 5G receiver when data could be transmitted faster than the fixed network line allows. For example, when the whole family is surfing the Internet. Or when large amounts of data flow during streaming or gaming. Hybrid 5G also offers more speed in the home office. The power of two networks also makes Internet outages virtually impossible: if the fixed-network connection is impaired, the service continues via the mobile network. 

5G standard for the home network with the Telekom hardware duo

To enable customers to take advantage of Hybrid 5G, they need a Speedport Smart 4 and a 5G receiver as well as the SIM card included in the contract. The weatherproof 5G receiver is attached to the outside of the building. For example, on the facade, on a windowsill or a window. This is where it best receives the signals from the 5G network. It is connected to the power supply unit and thus also to the router via a flat network cable. The cable is simply laid through the window frame. The Speedport Smart 4 then automatically sets itself up on the telecom connection. Installation is child's play for customers. Deutsche Telekom's installation service can also be booked for an additional charge.

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