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Optimal Wi-Fi from basement to attic

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  • Fast surfing and TV in amazing quality throughout the house
  • Speed Home WiFi and Speedport Smart 3 ensure powerful Wi-Fi for the entire building
  • Optimal Wi-Fi thanks to home network advice and DSL help app 


Connection bandwidth isn’t the only important factor for reliable Wi-Fi. With DT’s home networking portfolio, high bandwidth really does reach every corner.

The high-speed data transmission required for fast surfing, TV via the Internet and online games in real time takes a home Wi-Fi network to its limits. With Deutsche Telekom’s home networking portfolio, however, the high bandwidth really does reach every corner of the home.

“The connection bandwidth isn’t the only important factor for high-performance, reliable Wi-Fi. Optimal home networking is also vital. Our new solutions give customers everything they need from a single source, including advice, hardware, installation and service,” explains the company’s Head of Consumers, Michael Hagspihl. 

Practical home networking tips are available online (in German) at

Mesh technology for a Wi-Fi range to surf to your heart’s content

Speed Home WiFi is Deutsche Telekom’s new mesh Wi-Fi solution. It has the benefit of creating a comprehensive Wi-Fi network with up to five other devices using the latest mesh technology. The devices improve Wi-Fi reception in the home by communicating with each other. If someone is moving through the building while on a smartphone, the station with the best reception automatically takes over, thereby ensuring an uninterrupted, stable Wi-Fi connection. 

The mesh Wi-Fi network also enables a wireless connection between media receiver and router, which are connected to mesh Wi-Fi devices using network cables for this purpose. The wireless connection in the mesh network even transmits ultra-HD movies perfectly. A single Speed Home WiFi costs 79.95 euros to buy outright, the Duo version is available for 149.90 euros and the price for three units is 219.85 euros. 

Speedport Smart 3 with mesh update now available

The Speedport Smart 3, Deutsche Telekom’s first router based on integrated mesh Wi-Fi, is available from August 31. It directly connects Speed Home WiFi units located in the home to create a comprehensive Wi-Fi network. Even data-intensive services such as EntertainTV in ultra-HD and 4K quality, phoning with HD Voice and online gaming work perfectly – including when the user is a few rooms away from the router – so every member of the family on every floor in every room of the house can surf to their heart’s content. The Speedport Smart 3 costs 159.95 euros to buy outright or can be leased for 4.95 euros per month. The new function is obtained by updating the device software, meaning that existing customers can also benefit.

New DSL help app and Wi-Fi optimization advice 

To improve their home network, customers can use the free DSL help app to perform a Wi-Fi analysis at home. The reception at the various locations is indicated on a plan of the home drawn in the app and this shows the best place to locate antennae. The app also provides tips on mistakes to avoid. Home network advice from the professionals at Deutsche Telekom is another service that helps plan for optimal Wi-Fi. In addition to the established telecommunications and Magenta SmartHome consulting options, the company now offers a Wi-Fi optimization service, which includes measuring Wi-Fi signal strength around the customer’s home to ascertain the current situation. Tips are also provided on the optimal router location, along with information about necessary components and installation services. The flat-rate charge for this advice and documentation is 99.95 euros. If the customer so wishes, Deutsche Telekom will also set up the connection and the entire home network.

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