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Speedport Pro for turbocharged data with gigabit Wi-Fi

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  • New router gives homes access to gigabit Wi-Fi
  • Supports Deutsche Telekom’s new high-speed plan and all future connection types
  • Combines fixed and mobile networks thanks to integrated LTE module
Router Speedport Pro auf Regal mit Büchern

Speedport Pro for turbocharged data with gigabit Wi-Fi

Deutsche Telekom’s new premium router delivers lightning-fast Wi-Fi. Available from December, the Speedport Pro will offer customers Wi-Fi transmission speeds of up to 9,600 megabits per second (Mbit/s). 

The device is designed for network speeds of up to 2,500 Mbit/s, enabling support of the new “MagentaZuhause XL” plan and all future network expansion stages. The hybrid router offers the additional benefit of combining fixed-network and mobile technology, which significantly increases the achievable bandwidth. Customers using the new device will be able to enjoy several ultra HD streams simultaneously and with a far better Wi-Fi range. 

Speedport Pro for Deutsche Telekom’s best network

In areas where Deutsche Telekom is not expanding, users benefit from the Speedport Pro’s hybrid technology, which combines fixed-network and mobile bandwidths and provides far higher surfing speeds in many cases. 

Surfing and streaming throughout the home

With no fewer than 12 Wi-Fi antennae, the Speedport Pro is far more powerful than conventional routers. The higher number of simultaneously possible connections transmits the data better. The new Wi-Fi technology being used optimizes the range within which units can connect to the home network. The powerful Wi-Fi allows users to stream several EntertainTV programs in ultra HD quality at the same time.

With the Speedport Pro, phone calls benefit from exceptional voice quality thanks to HD Voice. The integrated DECT base station means up to five Speedphones can be used. Customers can also connect ISDN devices and two analog phones to the router. Further add-on functions are already being planned to support innovations such as mesh Wi-Fi technology and Magenta SmartHome. 

The Speedport Pro will be available from December. It will cost 399.99 euros to purchase outright and may also be leased for 9.95 euros per month. The router can be obtained via all Deutsche Telekom sales channels and from specialist outlets.

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