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Robots drawing up lease agreements

  • Deutsche Funkturm GmbH relies on robotics for around 32,000 radio sites
  • Robot Solutions from T-Systems and Blue Prism
  • Robotics: less time and effort, more time for customer contact 
People and robots share work in the office

Robots take over routine works and thus support the employees of the Deutsche Funkturm GmbH.

Deutsche Funkturm GmbH (DFMG) is using a robot-controlled platform provided by T-Systems and Blue Prism for its lease agreements. DFMG plans, implements, and markets around 32,000 radio sites in Germany. The lease agreements with over 1,000 real estate owners used to take a great deal of time and were drawn up manually. Now robots are writing the agreements.

With over 800 employees, DFMG builds infrastructure for mobile communications providers in Germany. Further customers include: radio broadcasters, operators of radio relay links, authorities, and other institutions. DMG employees used to set out new lease agreements with real estate owners or amend them. They then entered the agreements into their IT systems. This routine work took up a great deal of their time and required a lot of manual effort. Robots have now taken over this work. There is no longer any media discontinuity. The quality of the data is unchanged, but the time and effort needed has been reduced. This helps lighten employees’ workloads. They have more time for individual inquiries from the real estate owners. 

Robotic: Humans first

Deutsche Funkturm GmbH is the first joint customer of the new partnership between T-Systems and Blue Prism.
Deutsche Telekom operates around 2000 robotics solutions in the IT landscapes of various different companies. Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems brings its entire spectrum to the table: from process analyses to the implementation of complex software robots and their operational life cycle. “Together with Blue Prism, we offer our customer an innovative robotics platform. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning for this,” explains Andreas Greis, Head of Digital Solutions at T-Systems.

Blue Prism is a global leader in intelligent automation. The company is changing the way work is done. This leads to increased efficiency and millions of working hours can be returned to the business. “We look forward to working with T-Systems. Our customers benefit from the bundled expertise and the extensive range of services. No matter where a company is in its digital transformation“, says Robert Ekstrom, SVP CEE and Middle-East at Blue Prism.

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When care is tight: robots can help


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When care is tight: robots can help

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