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Target home office

  • Employees of small companies at home targeted by cyber criminals
  • Telekom and WatchGuard with new security offer
  • Protection for tax consultants, law firms or practice networks
  • Firewall learns from attacks on Telekom networks 
T-35DW Watchguard

T-35DW Watchguard

Telekom and WatchGuard are strengthening the cyber defence of small companies with a new offer. It is called Business Network Protect Complete. The offer combines WLAN router and smart firewall in one device (T-35DW from Watchguard). It protects against attacks from the Internet. The firewall learns from attacks on Deutsche Telekom's networks. It also protects employees in the home office.

Whether they are heads of a craft company or office workers in retail, employees in all industries currently work from home, either completely or temporarily. According to the industry association BITKOM, this applies to 49 percent of all employees. Working from home is being targeted by hackers. The Federal Office for Information Security warns: Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the crisis. Password thieves sneak in via mailbox. A careless mouse click blocks the entire computer. Blackmailers release the computer only against Bitcoin ransom. 

Cyber guard dog bites zombie router

Small companies are considered to be at risk. They often have no protection against hackers. Large companies have security personnel and expertise to fend off more complex attacks. Small companies don’t. At the same time, they often use outdated technology. There is no money for updates. Necessary updates are likely to get forgotten. This not only endangers the companies themselves. Attackers hijack poorly secured routers. Their army of zombie devices then rush them against other companies.

Preventing the printer from infecting the server

Business Network Protect Complete is suitable for All-IP connections up to 100Mbps. The offer is aimed at small business customers with up to 20 employees. It offers separate security for networked production facilities and servers. Telephony and printers also receive protection. Attacks on companies are thus detected earlier. The countermeasures take effect more quickly. They prevent an attack from spreading to the entire company network.

The new package offer provides comprehensive protection: It counters more complex attacks. The firewall keeps viruses and trojans away. This filters out spam. It shields computers from malicious content on the Internet. Not every website is in the professional interest. The firewall uses data from the Telekom security tachograph ( The speedometer is fed by more than 180 Telekom honeypot sensors. These recognize the IP addresses of attackers. They fend them off and help defend the small business owner.

Fixed monthly fee so that the company does not have to worry

Telekom and Watchguard focus on simplicity. No customer likes to bother with settings or maintenance. That's why the service runs in the background around the clock. The offer costs € 79.90 per month in the full version. The price for a version with fewer functions is € 69.90. The all-inclusive price makes the decision easier for companies. High one-off costs inhibit small companies in particular from investing in security.

The Firebox T-35DW is an exclusive product. It is only available as part of the Business Network Protect Complete offer.  

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