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Telekom is Brand of the Year

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  • Holistic branding leads to the Red Dot Award
  • Jury’s opinion: Deutsche Telekom keeping the pace with #TAKEPART
  • Other awards for MagentaTV and Brand Dialog
The jury was convinced especially by the communication regarding to #TAKEPART.

The jury was convinced especially by the communication regarding to #TAKEPART. Download (jpg, 903.5 KB)

Deutsche Telekom has received the "Red Dot Brand of the Year" Award in recognition of its successful branding approach. The award underscores the outstanding design quality and consistent expression of brand values across various channels. According to the jury, #TAKEPART proves that Deutsche Telekom is fully in tune with market trends. MagentaTV and the online portal Brand Dialog also drew accolades from the jury. 

“#TAKEPART has enabled us to create a communicative framework encompassing our inherent areas of activity. Promoting digital participation is our central aspiration and – at the same time – our promise. Everyone should have a stake in the possibilities of digitalization. Only those who actively take part can truly understand why life is for sharing,” says Hans-Christian Schwingen, head of Group Brand Strategy at Deutsche Telekom. Thanks to its networks, wide-ranging innovations and investments, Deutsche Telekom promotes equal access to the social, business and cultural opportunities available in today’s digital world.

International experts agree that the holistic and modern branding of Deutsche Telekom is quite compelling. In the opinion of the jury, “the brand succeeds in constantly redefining itself while also keeping pace with trends through its communication, without diminishing its value and recognition quality at any time. The outstanding aspect of the brand design is the fresh and young spirit which Deutsche Telekom leverages to address all age groups – young and old – and thus enhances the relevance of this iconic brand.” 

In addition to its achievements in the “Brands & Communication” category, Deutsche Telekom also received two other awards. The jury cited the merits of Magenta TV in the category “Interface & User Experience Design.” Accolades also went to Brand Dialog, the Deutsche Telekom online portal used to coordinate all communication media.

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