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Telekom is Germany's most valuable brand

  • Group reconfirms first place among the world's leading German brands
  • High-quality customer experience leads to high trust in the brand
  • BrandZ study "Top50 Most Valuable German Brands" shows brand value of 67.2 billion U.S. dollars

Telekom once again occupies a top position as the most valuable German brand. © Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom once again occupies a top position. The BrandZ study "Top50 Most Valuable German Brands" ranks the company as the most valuable German brand for the first time. According to the study, the current brand value is USD 67.2 billion. This puts Telekom well ahead of SAP (47.1), Mercedes-Benz (24.6), BMW (22.4) and Siemens (21.1). Compared to 2021, the Group manages a leap of 43 percent and thus makes the biggest step forward among the top 10. In addition, the brand scores in the categories "Most Trusted Brand," "Best Advertising" and "Pricing Power" and is in the top 5 in each case. 

"Brand value is an expression of a successfully operating company. The positive result once again shows the trust people place in us. I am particularly pleased about this," explains Telekom’s head of brand Uli Klenke. "The very good ratings from various institutes confirm that Telekom is on the right track with its brand strategy." 

The successful performance underscores the company's positive development based on sustainable investments and a successful umbrella brand strategy. In addition to financial indicators, the BrandZ study also takes into account the opinions of consumers. The BrandZ analysts attribute the success of the Telekom brand to a high-quality customer experience. Trust is also an important criterion. Consumers expect brands to take responsibility and act sustainably. The research and consulting firm also attributes the significant increase in brand value to the positive economic and technological development, both in the U.S. and in the European markets. For more information on the study, interested parties can visit

Other studies underline positive brand trend

Deutsche Telekom's positive brand trend is also confirmed by other surveys in addition to the current results. According to "Brand Finance Global 500," the company scored as the most valuable European and thus also German corporate brand as early as January 2023. In the overall ranking, the experts also put the Group in a strong eleventh place. In addition, the European Brand Institute's Global Top 100 Brand Corporations Study also ranked Telekom as the most valuable German brand.

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