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Telekom Security further expands its Magenta Security portfolio

  • New solutions available for both consumers and business customers
  • The company is systematically carrying on with its dual vendor strategy
  • Continued focus on managed security offerings

Deutsche Telekom's new Telekom Security business area is further enhancing its Magenta Security portfolio. At the second specialist Magenta Security conference in Munich, Dirk Backofen, head of Telekom Security, presented a number of new solutions and enhancements to existing offerings. One focus of the portfolio strategy is centered on the implementation of a "two-supplier strategy," which is designed to give Telekom Security and its customers increased independence in their choice of suppliers. Another of the strategy's emphases is put on the task of further developing our managed services.

"The new solutions give us more capacity to reduce complexity for our customers. We bring each customer together with the right partner for their systems solutions and take the work of dealing with lots of different partners off their shoulders," commented Dirk Backofen in Munich. "We are also making security easier for them to achieve, by taking over the entire management task where the customer wants us to," he continued. If it's too complex, it won't work."

The managed security experts at Deutsche Telekom do not simply come on the scene after an attack has already hit its target, but are there to advise well in advance as to whether the security measures currently deployed are sufficient and to help identify where there may be room for improvement. Later too, in operations, Deutsche Telekom's cybersecurity specialists help customers on any questions they might have via specialist hotlines, providing CERT and AVERT support in addition to well-targeted incident management. Operational support for release and change management for security networks, for example, is generally provided remotely, but the customer may wish to order on-site support where necessary. 

"The offering is clearly structured and – thanks to our decades of experience gained by our staff internally – we provide all our services with total reliability, competence, and speed, " says Dirk Backofen, head of Telekom Security. To meet the increasing demand, Deutsche Telekom now plans to build a new, integrated Cyber Defense and Security Operations Center in Bonn. It is scheduled to begin operations in the fall of 2017.

The new solutions are designed for use in offerings for both consumers and businesses:

A security package to give WannaCry the cold shoulder

The security package provided by Deutsche Telekom in collaboration with Symantec offers a number of new functions. Consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises are protected even from very sophisticated attacks – also known as advanced persistent threats – like the malware also deployed against large corporations. The enhanced solution also sounds the alarm when mobile devices are attacked by crypto-trojans like the recent WannaCry malware, for example. The offering is based on the very latest technology based on machine learning, Vantage IPS, AntiVirus & Emulator, and Norton SONAR.

Customers can order Telekom's security package simply and easily from the Telekom Customer Center. The service is invoiced via the customer's phone bill. The package can be enhanced with complete flexibility with any combination of other security packages provided by Telekom Security for other customer segments. The introductory price is set at 1.95 euros including sales tax per device per month.

Lookout: making businesses' mobile devices safe on the road 

As part of its dual vendor strategy, Telekom Security has now added the mobile security solution provided by software producer Lookout to its offerings. The solution gives users a security solutions for mobile protection of their business data on both company and private Android and iOS smartphones. Mobile devices and their applications installed on them are protected and defended via the cloud against attacks. Among the benefits of the solution are its ability to integrate easily into the Microsoft ecosystem and the way it can be combined with a variety of mobile device management (MDM) systems from well-known providers. The Lookout solution provides the customer with an alternative to Mobile Protect Pro

IBM Resilient, IBM QRadar, and Splunk: bundled up safely

Security incidents such as the one triggered by the WannaCry ransomware attack in the middle of May have long been part of the daily routine for IT security specialists in businesses. To provide such experts with an automated solution, Telekom Security has combined a variety of services for network monitoring, security information & event management (SIEM) analysis and threat intelligence into a single product.

Among other things, the security specialist, basing its approach on the solution provided by IBM's package Resilient, now provides an automated process management, reporting and documentation platform that provides an effective and efficient response to security incidents. The information provided by the threat intelligence tool can be drawn on when formulating compliance guidelines or conducting security audits. Users can orchestrate critical security tools and processes using the platform, thus achieving improved response times to incidents.

The second building block in the solution is provided by an SIEM package containing log management, flow analysis, and event correlation features, all in real time. The vendor and partner behind the product is SIEM expert IBM QRadar. The system's management via a master console keeps administration effort to a minimum, while at the same time offering a high level of scalability. An integrated automated use-case library provides the user with information from security intelligence and vulnerability management systems. A simple connection to incident response and risk management systems simplifies collaboration across different platforms. In addition, the system also supports cutting-edge technology such as IoT, big-data analysis and IBM Watson.

For large quantities of data, it is also recommended to use another solution based on the big-data analysis software produced by Splunk, with which one can aggregate big data from the widest possible variety of sources. Thus Telekom Security supports the people responsible for security within its customer organizations in analyzing information coming either from sensors on the network or out of the cloud. Security warnings can be produced automatically, sounding the alarm when numbers coming from the system exceed pre-set threshold values. Also included in the package is an open software development kit (SDK) for embedding data originating from user-defined applications and third-party software.

Internet Protect Pro 2.0: new updates to deal with new threats 

An update of Internet Protect Pro, a product originally launched in 2016, is planned in the third quarter after the summer break. The all-round protection it provides against Internet threats will be adjusted to ready it for the latest patterns of cyber-attack. In addition, the solution, which Telekom Security provides in conjunction with ZScaler, will include a security check feature.

Security checks allow the solution to support IT departments in assessing the strength of their protection against cyber-attacks from the Internet. Via a user-friendly management interface, users can draw their own conclusions on the vulnerabilities of their IT systems and to include the results of the assessments in clear and concise reports. The easy-to-build graphics will help management to understand the general concepts of IT security, thus facilitating faster decision-making.

Just like its predecessor Internet Protect Pro, Internet Protect Pro 2.0 shifts the functions of firewalls, intrusion protection systems, proxy servers, and systems that protect against viruses and unknown malware into the Deutsche Telekom cloud. As a result, companies require less local hardware of their own, and are freed from the IT administration and configuration work required in connection with new types of attacks from cyberspace. 

Internet Protect Pro protects against all sorts of cyber threats and data leaks, blocking malware, cyber attacks, and data theft in real time. In addition, it tests and analyzes suspicious files in a completely isolated environment (a process known as "sandboxing"). This enables it to protect against new and unknown types of malware. Deutsche Telekom operates the Zscaler solution in its highly secure data center in Biere. There it ensures that customer and company data cannot leave Germany by any unauthorized routes.

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