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Telekom service shows: people are what makes the difference

  • Telekom launches campaign under the motto “We are just like you” („Wir sind wie ihr“)
  • Independent tests confirm high level of satisfaction with customer service
  • Empathy and expertise are key to success

Independent tests* have repeatedly confirmed the high level of customer satisfaction with Telekom’s service. These accolades show that empathy and expertise are the key to success. This will be showcased by the “We are just like you” communication campaign, which Telekom will launch on April 19. The spotlight is on employees with direct customer contact who rely on their expertise and empathy to create a positive customer experience.

“In direct contact with customers, people are what makes the difference – namely our skilled and empathic employees,” explains Ferri Abolhassan, Director of Service at Telekom Deutschland, who from May 1 will also be responsible for consumer sales. He is convinced that digital tools are essential in modern customer service. “They give our employees the time they need for the personal interaction with our customers – on an equal footing, with empathy, and of course much enthusiasm about their work.”

32,000 Telekom employees in customer service

Around 32,000 Telekom employees work in customer service, from hotline operators to field personnel and our employees in the 440 Telekom Shops across Germany. Collectively, they have 160 million personal contacts with Telekom customers pear year. Each day, our service technicians attend to 40,000 field service assignments, 15,000 of them on-site appointments at customers. The campaign shows that the people working at Telekom are people just like you and me – they have the same needs, experiences, and difficulties. This means that they have a good understanding of our customers’ needs and can help quickly and skillfully – “in the same way we help friends or family,” Abolhassan adds.

Friendly and likable problem solvers

In three different spots, Telekom focuses on a different customer service facet in each case. The spots tell stories as they happen in the service center, the shop, or on-site at the customer’s location. The employees take the role of empathic aides and problem solvers. The debut on April 19 will be a spot (German) in which a service center employee takes center stage.Sitting on a park bench, she readily helps the distressed person sitting next to her and offers him a quick solution by calling the service hotline. The other spots will be shown from the beginning of May.

“We want to assure people that they are in good hands with Telekom. The campaign shows people who meet on an equal footing,” says Christian Loefert, Head of Communication and Sales Marketing at Telekom Deutschland. “By saying ‘We are just like you,’ we create an emotional bond and a feeling of trust. At the same time, we showcase how committed our employees are to helping others.”

Front runner in service

“We have been redefining service for almost four years and have already made a lot of progress,” says Abolhassan. The number of customer complaints has fallen by around 75 percent since 2017. “We want our customers to receive swift and skilled service. External tests have confirmed Telekom’s top performance in terms of availability and short waiting times. In 2020, we also improved the punctuality of our service technicians to a new record level of 95 percent.”

Turning customers into enthusiastic fans

For the Director of Service and Sales, customer satisfaction is one of the top priorities. “Excellence in service is a marathon and not a short distance sprint. This is why we never stop improving our performance. We want to think our processes even more radically from our customers’ perspective, simplify them, and offer a harmonious customer experience across all contact channels,” he explains. “My service recipe is rather simple: we invest in the expertise and skills of our employees. We instill enthusiasm in them so they can wow our customers. We are also increasing our regional presence, with the aim of being in even closer reach of our customers.” 

*Test results 2020/21:

The service provided by Telekom was the winner in all important tests (German Media information) in 2020: in the test conducted by FOCUS-MONEY, customers awarded the Telekom service the distinction of “King of Service” in Germany for the fifth consecutive time. The Telekom hotlines for mobile and fixed network customers received the highest ratings in three tests conducted by Germany’s telecom magazine connect. Last but not least, the customer advisory service offered via the Telekom hotline impressed in all of the four categories mobile network, fixed network, internet, and TV provider and left the competition lagging far behind. In the most recent test by connect, the hotline was once again rated the top performer in the area of mobile network providers.

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