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Telekom Tech Grounds – Exploring human-centered technology

  • Deutsche Telekom creates an immersive state-of-the-art digital conference
  • Initiative to share knowledge, inspiration and a wide range of compelling topics
  • Invitation to join a community of world´s most spearheading thinkers and futurists
Telekom Tech Grounds 2021

Telekom Tech Grounds: the virtual platform for pioneering technologies of the future.

As the Leading European Telco, Deutsche Telekom offers a digital benchmark experience on June 28th and 29th. The „Telekom Tech Grounds“ invite people, to share knowledge, inspiration and a wide range of compelling visions and innovations. Four topic areas concentrate on „Business Innovation“, „Network Differentiation“, „Home Innovation“ and of course „Sustainability“. An additional main stage presents Keynotes from international leading futurists and speakers. The setting is completed by an extra „Mindfulness Area“, offering unexpected additional values. 

In more than twelve hours of program, experts and visitors engage with the idea to drive the present evolution with human-centered visions and technological innovations. Hosted on an entirely customized virtual platform, the overarching motto „exploring human-centered technology“ even describes the unique user experience. Six immersive areas are created with individual programs and serve options to engage and interact live with other participants. Highly intuitive and easy to use, the audience is invited to discover a fascinating layout of a future state. Supported by Live-Avatars, Deutsche Telekom provides a new form of digital encounter and exchange of know-how of experts.

„The successive transformation of our society and the progression of digitalization are rapidly changing our world. Right now, we find ourselves in the middle of the digital era: We have been given the chance to head towards new possibilities and to even define new standards“, says Antje Hundhausen, Vice President Brand Experience at Deutsche Telekom. „The possibility to collaborate as a thought-leading community within an immersive and interactive virtual space have the potential for pioneer innovation impact of our daily life.” 

To take responsibility, Deutsche Telekom presents ideas and technical solutions referring to four core-questions: How will innovations empower business and digital health solutions? How will we transform networks into software-based platforms and services, enabling new business models? How will we leverage real-time data to build smart digital lifestyle environments and ecosystems? How will we tackle climate change as a Telco – together with our partners and clients? In addition to the live experience, the platform provides the entire content on demand after the event. The link to registration and content can be found on Telekom Tech Grounds.

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Telekom Tech Grounds

The platform for human-centered technology innovation.