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Head of Wholesale Dr. Kerstin Baumgart strengthens Telekom management team

  • Leasing of network services becomes independent business area 
  • Wholesale business in Germany: More than 250 customers with revenue of 
    2.7 billion euros per year 
  • Germany MD Gopalan: "Wholesale is an important component for our network expansion".
Kerstin Baumgart

From April 1, Dr. Kerstin Baumgart, Head of Wholesale, will be appointed to the Board of Management of Telekom Deutschland. © Deutsche Telekom

Telekom's Wholesale business in Germany continues to gain in importance. From April 1, Dr. Kerstin Baumgart, Head of Wholesale, will be appointed to the Board of Management of Telekom Deutschland. This means that the business of leasing network services will become an independent management area alongside the Technology, Sales and Service, Human Resources, Finance, Consumer and Business Customer departments.

"I am delighted that Kerstin Baumgart is joining our management team. Wholesale business is an important part of our fiber strategy. The joint utilization of our infrastructure by both Telekom and wholesale partners is crucial for our FTTH roll-out. We stand for open networks and voluntary agreements with other companies under market conditions. So, it fits that Kerstin is now contributing her expertise even more to the management team”, says Telekom Deutschland MD Srini Gopalan. 

"Appointment underscores importance of team's work"

Kerstin Baumgart is delighted with this move: "We offer our wholesale partners access to our networks. In this way, we want to turn not only customers into fans, but also our partners. My appointment to the Management Board underscores the importance of my team’s work."

Telekom Deutschland's Wholesale unit is responsible for ensuring that more than 250 companies in Germany can use Telekom's network services on fair and commercial terms. 

The business focuses on wholesale services for consumer products in the areas of Internet and telephony. Direct fiber-optic connections (fiber to the home / FTTH) are becoming increasingly important. Wholesale also offers wholesale services for individual site networks. This enables Telekom's wholesale partners to supply their business customers. 

2.7 billion euros in revenue in 2022

Whether network access or network transport: The unit, which employs several hundred people, generated around 2.7 billion euros in revenue last year, making a significant contribution to achieving the company's targets.  

Kerstin Baumgart has been responsible for Telekom's Wholesale business in Germany for around four years. Previously, she was responsible for product development in Telekom's international business and for strategy and business development for business and wholesale customers in management positions. She studied economics and business administration in Bochum and Cambridge. After several years as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, Kerstin Baumgart started at Deutsche Telekom in 2004.

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