Johannes Maisack, born in 81, studied general rhetoric, politics and sociology in Tübingen. After years abroad and studying European cultural studies, he started - at that time typically "something with media" - at an agency. He joined Deutsche Telekom in 2010 and is responsible for strategy and employee issues. His greatest passions alongside the family with children are literature and football.

Articles by Johannes Maisack

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A few simple steps for a speed of 250


Deutsche Telekom takes it to the next level: 250 Mbit/s

On August 1, Deutsche Telekom plans to provide access bandwidth of up to 250 megabits per second (Mbit/s) to six million households.

„Talents“ at the Network Day


Network Day in Berlin: Technology hands-on

On Network Day, some 80 journalists and bloggers found out about Deutsche Telekom's network technology.

TÜViT seal


TÜViT seal

Telekom Deutschland handles customer data responsibly.

Dirk Wössner


„Voluntary cooperation works“

Deutsche Telekom and Telefónica Deutschland team up for network expansion. An interview with Dirk Wössner, Managing Director of Telekom Deutschland.

Stefan Dohler (left) and Dirk Wössner.


Glasfaser NordWest

Deutsche Telekom and EWE sign contract for joint venture.