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With Magenta Telekom into Austria’s Digital Future

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  • T-Mobile Austria and UPC Austria merge to form Magenta Telekom
  • All services under the Magenta retail brand
  • The company will retain the T logo as its corporate brand
New brand presence in Austria focuses on Magenta.

New brand presence in Austria focuses on Magenta. Download

Austria gains a new full-service provider of mobile and fixed-network services. T-Mobile Austria and UPC Austria have merged to form Magenta Telekom. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary will market its services under the Magenta retail brand, while retaining the T logo as its corporate brand. All services will be provided on the basis of a top-quality network infrastructure. 

To customers, the new brand signals a new beginning. “In Austria, as compared to our other markets, Magenta will figure even more prominently in our communication,” explained Hans-Christian Schwingen, Deutsche Telekom Chief Brand Officer. “We want to establish a distinctive retail brand. From a strategic standpoint, this is a logical next step for us.” With its bundled offering of mobile and fixed-network services, Magenta Telekom is following the strategy of its parent company.

The new retail brand underlines that the new company is part of the Deutsche Telekom family. The logo will combine the Magenta word logo with a superscript T, within a circle. “The logo tells customers that the Magenta products and services they are buying come from the T brand. Thus we offer a kind of seal of certified origin and quality,” Schwingen added. 

The new brand will highlight Magenta

In addition, Magenta will play an important role in the company’s visual communication. Offers for private consumers will use white typefaces laid out over magenta-colored background areas. Communications to business customers will carry the heading Magenta Business. Offers for those customers will feature white backgrounds and magenta typefaces.

The company plans to begin phasing in its new brand communication right away, beginning with today’s launch, and to gradually increase its use. The new company’s official name will be Magenta Telekom GmbH. At some point in the future, that name will supplant the name T-Mobile Austria GmbH. Magenta is exclusively protected, just like all other Deutsche Telekom brand elements.


T-Mobile Austria and UPC Austria merged into one company in 2018. This created a strong full-service provider. Magenta Telekom offers both mobile and fixed-network services, in keeping with Deutsche Telekom’s strategic orientation, which calls for all of its European national companies to offer convergence products. "Leading European Telco": that's Deutsche Telekom's aspiration. 

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