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(f. l.) Walter Goldenits, Claudia Nemat, Srini Gopalan on Network Day 2022.

Deutsche Telekom sets faster pace for fiber rollout

Telekom plans to build up to 3 million fiber connections in 2023. 1,000 new fiber experts are to be recruited.



DT invests several billion euros every year in building networks.

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Earth Hour: Solutions instead of Symbols

On March 25, it's once again "Lights out!" for one hour. At Deutsche Telekom, however, it's "Lights on!" for intelligent, energy-efficient solutions.

Kerstin Baumgart


Telekom's Wholesale business will become an independent management area

Telekom's Wholesale business in Germany continues to gain in importance. From
April 1, Dr. Kerstin Baumgart, Head of Wholesale, will be appointed to the Board of Management of Telekom Deutschland.



Green light for the largest private FTTH-partnership in Austria

The Joint Venture of Magenta Telekom and Meridiam to start roll-out in many regions this spring.


Marion Kessing

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