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Launch event of the Equal eSports Cup.


Telekom launches Equal eSports Cup

The Equal eSports Cup is the largest League of Legends tournament for female and non-binary players in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Patrick Köhler

Career & current jobs at Deutsche Telekom

Sustainable IOT. Sweet as can bee.

With his passion for bees and IoT Patrick makes beekeeping more sustainable.



Surprising animal moments

What does U.S. Democrat Bernie Sanders have to do with telecom hives on the Internet of Things? Nothing, per se. But I'm bringing this together. On World Bee Day.

A woman and a man sitting on a park bench.


Green, liveable and clever: That's life in the city of the future

"What will our cities look like in the future? From flight cabs, CityTrees and the end of searching a parking lot." A peek into the year 2050.

Bees and Sensors.


I fly at sensors

Hardly any device inspires creativity more than sensors - I claim in the blog. For a simpler and better everyday life for people.

The smart beehive is providing a new solution to this problem.


When beekeepers go on vacation, who watches their bees?

During vacation time, people like to take vacations – and beekeepers are no exception. But when beekeepers are on vacation, who watches their bees?

 3 people with a wheelbarrow on the way to gardening


"Save the bees" – We're making a flower meadow

Trainees and cooperative students are participating in Germany's "Save the bees" referendum and taking responsibility for our environment.

Smart beehives on the campus at Deutsche Telekom's Bonn headquarters.

Corporate Responsibility

Bee colonies enjoy their smart homes at Deutsche Telekom sites

Everyone is talking about the importance of bees: even children know that they wouldn't be able to enjoy honey, apples, or cherries without the efforts of these busy insects. But did you know that even coffee depends on the pollination services of the...

Digital beehive


Award for connected beehives by Deutsche Telekom

T-Systems has won the Paragon Award in the "Impact" category from consulting firm ISG for its submission "Smart Beehives".