In her main job as Brand Manager for Cosmote in Greece, Angeliki is another central pillar of internationalization. As a mentor, she looks after many other international ambassadors and has already made several prominent appearances and coordinated campaigns with her level-headed manner. A true multi-talent.  

Why are you part of the Telekom Botschafter Quartet?

I am proud to represent the Greek Natco in this truly international community. I enjoy the dynamism, agility of the team, the inspiration I get from my fellow colleagues and the benefits from the intercultural exchange

What are the main characteristics of a Telekom Botschafter?

Actively work towards our joint purpose to bring out the best of our organization internally and externally. Every little thing counts!

What are you doing while you’re not working?

I read and study a lot. I am enthusiastic about learning about new technologies and how the digital world is affecting the physical one and vice versa.

Telekom Botschafterin Angeliki Eleftheriou.
Telekom Botschafter Clayton Don Corda.

Clayton Don Corda

Clayton is a talent scout for T-Systems in Singapore and the most important ambassador in Asia. If you follow him on Linkedin, you know why. He just manages to put a smile on people's faces time and time again.