Georgia Diamantopoulou

Georgia works at the subsidiary OTE in Athens and brings a smile to the Greek sun in every meeting. Her positive and calm charisma spreads harmony and balance, even when the house is on fire. 

Why are you part of the Telekom Botschafter Quartet?

I believe in social togetherness and I love to contribute towards a better workplace and society for everyone. I have the passion to support people on believing on their strengths and explore the potential of DT Group and the opportunities that rise so as all of us become valuable members of Magenta Community. Furthermore, I want to make a positive impact to my colleagues’ life driven by our Guiding Principles. Together we can get things done!

What are the main characteristics of a Telekom Botschafter?

I truly believe to the international spirit of this great community, where all the people are considered the same above countries and silos. I believe that sharing is caring: Sharing experiences, knowledge and ideas is crucial for a good flow within an organization. In addition, I am a fan of communities and especially if this community has a great purpose for everyone who wants to contribute and make a positive impact. In summary, there is no sense about culture if we don’t live it!

What are you doing while you’re not working?

I love strolling around my city (Athens) and explore new places. Furthermore, I have been grown up in a city next to the sea, so sports like sailing are my favorites (of course during summer time!) People first! That’s why I try to spend time with people I love and especially with my nephew! Do every day small things/actions for a better world!

Telekom Botschafterin Sia Braimi.

Sia Braimi

It is thanks to Athanasia that the Ambassador Movement in Greece has received such an overwhelming response. As the first Greek Ambassador, she has inspired many other OTE colleagues to join the movement and thus laid the foundation for the internationalization of the Ambassadors.