It is thanks to Athanasia that the Ambassador Movement in Greece has received such an overwhelming response. As the first Greek Ambassador, she has inspired many other OTE colleagues to join the movement and thus laid the foundation for the internationalization of the Ambassadors.

Why are you part of the Telekom Botschafter Quartet?

I want to contribute to an inclusive culture and enhance a sense of belonging to our community. The quartet is a great tool to get even more colleagues excited about the Telekom ambassadors.

What are the main characteristics of a Telekom Botschafter?

It’s a mindset thing at the end of the day! A mindset of learning, passion, growth mindset and positive outlook! :)

What are you doing while you’re not working?

I really love to travel and getting to know people from different cultures. I also really enjoy cooking and wine with the company of good friends. I am into sports and exercise and enjoy painting!

Telekom Botschafterin Angeliki Eleftheriou.

Angeliki Eleftheriou

In her main job as Brand Manager for Cosmote in Greece, Angeliki is another central pillar of internationalization. As a mentor, she looks after many other international ambassadors and has already made several prominent appearances and coordinated campaigns with her level-headed manner. A true multi-talent.