Frank Leibiger

Frank Leibiger

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Frank Leibiger, the first wave of the digital transformation brought him from classical print journalism to Deutsche Telekom. That was in 2002. Ever since, he found his way through almost every IT topic. And now he ploughs the vast field of Cloud Computing.

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The Raspberry Pi processes sensor data from a smartphone)


When AI watches over the machine park

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help to detect wear and tear and impending damage to expensive machines in good time. Companies thus avoid expensive downtimes.



Everything's hybrid: SAP and the multi-cloud

The most important business software goes into the cloud. As a result, there will be hybrid IT landscapes, the multi-cloud.



Transparent Touaregs and Sensitive Robots

A stroll to Mexico's stands at this year's Hanover Fair.



About hot-cakes - and Salesforce

Telekom business customers signed some 200 Salesforce deals during the last 12 months. In Germany, Salesforce solutions are available exclusively from the Telekom cloud.