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Our application process at a glance

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From applying online to your first day at work: Find out how we handle the individual application processes, so you know what to expect at Deutsche Telekom.

All current open positions are listed here .  As a first step, we recommend registering and completing your applicant profile. After you've defined your profile and created your digital application folder, you can quickly and easily apply for any open position at Deutsche Telekom worldwide with just a few clicks.

Online applications with a personal touch

Do you have your application package at hand – preferably as a PDF? Great! Then it should only take you around 5 minutes on average to complete the application process. Because we'd like to find out more about you, some positions require you to answer a few additional questions: what do you bring to the table? How do you want to contribute to Deutsche Telekom's success? Allow yourself plenty of time to answer our questions. You can save an incomplete process at any time and continue later. Once you're finished, upload the relevant attachments and click the "Apply" button.

As soon as we receive your application, you'll get a confirmation of receipt. You can then check your applicant account regularly to track its progress.

In the first step, we check whether your profile is a good match for the position. That can take up to four weeks. If you pass this screening process, we'll ask to get to know you in person.

The job interview

The interview is an opportunity for us to get to know one another better. One tip in advance: during your interview, act natural and be yourself. Don't worry—recruiters are people, too! We know you're nervous, which is why we don't put a tick or a cross next to every answer. What counts is the overall impression.

Tell us why you think your strengths make you a good fit for the position – and how you deal with your weaknesses. What are you like? Win us over during the interview. Do you think outside the box? Show us! We're looking for personalities, not degrees.

You'll hear back from us within two weeks after your interview. If you've been selected and agree to take the position, we'll discuss the contract details—either in person or by phone. This process will be completed within five weeks at the latest. Once all the required documents have been submitted (staff questionnaire, etc.), we'll send you your employment contract by regular mail and you can join Team Magenta on your desired start date.