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#TelekomPeople Germany: one week with Pawel

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01_Pawel Dillinger show and share his magenta world

Pawel Dillinger show & share his magenta world.

Dear all,

this is my friendly Instagram takeover from the account It was a pleasure for me to show and share my magenta world. Feel free to ask me anything about my job, my passion or my life.

BTW, my name is Pawel Dillinger (44, married, two kids 5/8) and I'm with Deutsche Telekom since 1995. Meanwhile I'm working for Deutsche Telekom in the marketing department. I belong to a small team called Social Media Business (SMB). Our main business is to enable “Anders Arbeiten” (work different). That means e.g. to promote our Intranet as a leading tool to collaborate and work with #TelekomPeople groupwide. I really love to do handicraft. I have collected tons of experiences over the last 30 years and I enjoy to create things for magenta storytelling. Some call me MacGyver and I agree, because I love his creativity. I love to think out of the box and I do things which I’m not supposed to do. Of course some call me troublemaker, I call me CCO - Chief Content Office and Telekom Ambassador.
My homebase is in Berlin but I'm very often on tour. Berlin is the hottest town in Europe. I was born in western part of Berlin and I love to watch the development of this huge melting pot.

You can follow me and my magenta world and life on Twitter: and Instagram: I'm keen on spread out the magenta word and world.


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