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The Deutsche Telekom Kulturmatcher

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Picture it: you’re on the hunt for a potential employer – for an internship, your first job after graduating, or to take the next step in your career – and the new employer obviously needs to be a good fit for you, just as you do them...

Everyone is probably familiar with the following situation: you’re on the hunt for a potential employer – whether you’re in school, at university, or a graduate – and are naturally doing your best to select the one with a corporate culture which is best suited to you. It’s not always easy and the information disclosed on an employer’s company website is also frequently inadequate. We have a tool to help you with just that: the Kultutmatcher.

With the Kulturmatcher, you can see whether your own ideas fit with Deutsche Telekom’s corporate culture. Nine different cultural factors are presented. They represent different criteria or goals and the person using the matcher positions themselves on a scale between them. What’s more important: 

  • Work/life balance or career orientation
  • Autonomy or hierarchy
  • Professional distance or informal working environment
  • Innovation or tradition
  • Competition or contentment
  • Caution or willingness to take risks
  • Performance orientation or self-effacement
  • Self-orientation or team focus

Following your self-assessment using a sliding scale, the individual results are used to calculate how well you are suited to the corporate culture of Deutsche Telekom. You will receive an overall score of your suitability and can see in detail the topics on which you align more or less closely with the Deutsche Telekom culture and which of its values tally with your own.
From first-hand experience, I can say that it isn’t always so easy to figure out your own personal opinion of these factors.

Considering what is more or less important to you is a challenge in itself, however, which can provide you with some important insights. 

Visit the site here  and try it out for yourself😊