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“True greatness lies in simplicity.”

Are you looking for a new professional challenge but don’t know which employer is the best match for you? Our series looking at our Guiding Principles will give you a better insight into what sets us apart as an employer and what is important to us.

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We always keep our guidelines in focus because they are the cornerstone of our daily practice. © Deutsche Telekom

Our six Guiding Principles can help you develop an authentic understanding of what defines us as an employer, what’s important to us, and what we stand for. They serve as a basis for our daily cooperation and strengthen our team spirit. Together, we all shape these values with our own personalities. These values promote a respectful and open interaction with one another. We invite you to familiarize yourselves with our Guiding Principles in this short series and learn how we fill them with life. The second Guiding Principle that we’d like to present is:

Get things done

The people at Deutsche Telekom shape the success of our company. We foster an entrepreneurial spirit and are quick to solve challenges. “Get things done” is key to success. 

A man is sitting on the floor and is installing a router.

With us, it’s the people that make our company successful. © Deutsche Telekom

What does this mean for our customers?

As life itself is already complicated enough, especially in times of constant digitalization and extensive transformations, it’s really important to make the lives of our customers as simple as possible: To ensure that simplicity is simply simple. In times of constant change and rising floods of information, simplicity is a significant source of satisfaction for all customers. Deutsche Telekom’s business success also depends on this. After all, simplicity is a key competitive advantage. Simplicity – understood as the consistent simplification of products, processes, working methods and mindsets – is therefore of utmost importance. Examples include: 

Simply more secure

From 2025, we will be offering new network-based security products from the “Magenta Security on Net“ range. These products do not require any additional software as the protection comes directly from the telecommunication network and is easy to configure. They can also be gradually expanded to meet the specific security requirements – there’s nothing else like this on the market. Compared to complex security products, they are simple to implement in individual company networks.

The Flip app for our business customers

Address the entire company via an app. Share articles and news, write messages, or publish the latest shift plan. The advantage? Everyone can use the app easily.

“Telekom hilft” community

The “Telekom hilft” team processes your inquiries, publishes articles, and offers online video chats for all issues concerning internet, mobile communications, and fixed-line networks. In addition to service issues, the focus is increasingly moving to offerings such as product consultancy, content formats, and customer tests. This enables us to be really close to our customers and provide them with advice and support. Consequently, we’re able to simply and efficiently achieve the desired results.

You should also start taking small steps to constantly improve things in order to achieve the best possible results.

How our employees are working to achieve this

  • We rely on initiative and not waiting for managers to issue instructions.
  • We take the initiative within our sphere of influence and act with entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We are brave and are keen to try new things.
  • We deliver quick and high-quality solutions, using digital tools and agile methods to do so.
  • We proactively tackle obstacles to meet our customers’ needs.
  • We don’t get caught up in tackling the past; we prefer to invest time in finding solutions.


In line with our #QuestionToday.CreateTomorrow. philosophy, we are constantly committed to enabling our employees to work in this manner. We question, support, challenge, and encourage this attitude.

Do you want to shape the future with us and start your career with us? Click on this link to view the jobs. We're excited to meet you and you can look forward to the next edition, which will focus on the Guiding Principle "Team together – Team apart". Stay tuned!😊

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