Diana Schnetgöke


"typically Telekom...?" – Open for a visit at the online university fair talentine

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There are no wrong questions. Even kindergarten children know that. In this respect we are happy to be able to answer them when we get to know students personally. Currently, however, "personal" means "virtual". After a successful start at the Digital Career Days at RWTH Aachen University in mid-June, Talentine is the second event in digital form.

Interested participants were able to browse through the company profiles offered on the talentine online platform. In addition to the general facts and figures, a short video was available to answer basic questions from applicants. Of course we shot "typically Telekom" in front of a magenta-colored wall (video is in German language) ;-)


Who liked our answers could "like" our video, which highlighted us in the user view. The online career fair started at 2 pm in three parallel streams with the respective company presentations. For us, Tim Kummerfeld presented Deutsche Telekom in just under 15 minutes and directly dispelled the prejudice "You only sell DSL connections and mobile phone contracts". Both products are of course "typically Telekom" but as an employer, Telekom has much more to offer. Our product portfolio and thus also our areas of activity encompass the Internet of Things, Security, SAP applications or IT sales. But there are also many different ways to get started. Regardless of whether you would like to get a taste of what it means to be T during an internship, enrich the team as a professional, for example, as a business expert, or much more like our Trainee-Programm? There is something for everyone here. The keynote speech gave those interested a first impression of us as Deutsche Telekom, but there was time later for details and individual inquiries.  

Das fünf-köpfige Team

The five-member team of Sven Kollmenter, Andrea Traude, Marion Bernhard-Winter, Tim Kummerfeldt und Lea Sternberg answers the questions of interested parties in zoom.

With a team of five experts, we welcomed interested participants in Zoom and were able to hold talks in one-to-one breakout sessions. Current interns, Marketing Consultants and IT Specialists were also present, so that we had the right contact person on board for everyone - simple, practical and unbureaucratic.

Last but not least, Tim gave an interview and answered one or two exciting questions (link provides video in German language). For example, what is typically Telekom and does it even exist? - Tim's clear answer: yes, there is. Our deeply rooted innovative thinking. Another prejudice that Deutsche Telekom is a shop for civil servants has also been dispelled. This clichee has transformed dramatically within the past 25 years. Today we live the YOU mentality and instead of shuffling through the corridors in a bureaucratic manner, we live agile working methods meet in modern office worlds to drive forward our projects.