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Seeking agents for change: IT jobs at Deutsche Telekom

You want to connect cars, drive forward the transition to renewable energy or make sure the cloud is secure? Maybe you'd like to turn smartphones into mobile wallets or act as a driving force behind the digitization of the healthcare market? IT jobs at Telekom offer a vast range of challenging opportunities. And you'll always be right at the heart of things, in one of the most important and most exciting fields of the future. As a designer, you're in the right place: you will be able to use innovations in ICT to bring about change in a whole spectrum of different areas, while your IT solutions will make you the most important driver behind your customers' change projects. Today, progress would be unthinkable without the use of technology. And you are a part of it. We can offer exciting IT projects and the freedom to make decisions, combined with a great atmosphere, professional training and development programs and all sorts of career opportunities.

IT jobs at Deutsche Telekom: for people who want to make a difference.

Job profile: IT Architect

Anyone who wants to bring a highly complex IT project to fruition needs a framework for planning and guidance that all those involved can follow. It is the IT architect or software architect who lays out this framework. The IT architect's customers want adaptable IT landscapes, and to develop them, the IT architect needs experience in project management, database administration and systems architecture. And a strong customer focus is equally important, because the working processes used need to reflect the customer's wishes at every step.

Job profile: IT Consultant

IT consultants love optimization: they analyze their customers' computer systems and develop concepts to improve them. They formulate IT strategies, carry out feasibility studies and suggest restructuring options and new software to IT managers. IT consultants stay by the customer's side until their IT project is complete, and represent the customer in interactions with all those involved in the project. To do this, they have to stay right up to date with hardware and software developments.

Job profile: IT Project Manager

The IT project manager is the mouthpiece for all those involved in an IT project. He or she deals with project planning and provides the most important interface, staying in close contact with programmers, designers, sales teams and the customer. The IT project manager sets out all of the targets and working processes in an IT project, as well as monitoring costs. IT project managers are dual talents: they are technically gifted, but also have excellent social skills. They are practiced at dealing well with both IT and people.

Job profile: Software Developer

Software developers both speak the customer's language and have a perfect understanding of the technology involved. As programmers, they plan and develop software building blocks or complete applications, harmonizing what the customer wants with what is technically possible and economically viable. Software development specialists construct systems in which the individual components communicate. This requires an understanding of database and web technologies. They also need to be great communicators, because developing good software is all about teamwork.

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