Magenta symbols (heart, handshake, winner's podium, people behind an arrow, lighthouse) that represent cooperation and success

Culture and values

Culture and values

We are a pioneer creating the future of digital. In this role, we identify and develop new ideas. These innovations are the result of a business environment where audacity plays a major role. It is the audacity to see and understand things from a different angle. Team spirit is of crucial, and not just when designing our products: A culture of sharing is the hallmark of all activities at the company. Only by working together can we take ideas that seem impossible and turn them into reality.It is this inspiring environment that enables us to deliver exceptional results. Diversity is part of everyday life for us. We are constantly searching for talented people, and we are fully committed to improving ourselves and our processes. Values such as respect and tolerance form the cornerstone of our actions.
We know that our work enables us to do more than merely provide people with than useful technology: By bringing people around the world together, we are shaping the digital world of tomorrow.

Our guidelines

Our guidelines show how we want to act. They represent our values and what we believe in. They form the basis for cooperating with customers, shareholders, and the public. Deutsche Telekom's senior management has committed itself to living by these values and making them an integral part of the Group. The goal of all Telekom employees is to incorporate them into every aspect of their work.

Open-minded when deciding – determined when implementing
Impressing customers and making things easier
Aim for the stars! Acknowledging achievements – offering opportunities
Acting with integrity and respect
I am Telekom – people rely on me
Frau auf Treppe

Women at Telekom

We provide women with support as they combine their professional and private lives and work towards advancing their careers.

Ein Mann mit weißem Hemd redet mit zwei jüngeren Personen, während ein Mann mit schwarzem Sakko zuschaut.

Our management guidelines

At Telekom, our three guidelines give managers the support they need so we can all enjoy success.

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct

The code of conduct serves as an overview of our values at Deutsche Telekom and describes how we require our employees to behave.

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