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Our Values: What we stand for

It’s clear what we stand for

We connect people. Because we are firmly convinced that interacting and meeting with others drives us forward - by sharing and passing on experiences as well as inspiring and supporting each other. 

But how do we achieve this enrichment? First of all, we need to treat each other right. Because we want to achieve something together: We won’t stop until everyone is connected. Our Living Culture helps us with this. With our values – our Guiding Principles – that support us in our daily interactions and encourage togetherness.

Man smiles at the camera
Man smiles at the camera
Man smiles at the camera

Guiding Principles: A guide to our togetherness

Values must be clearly communicated and transparent. As part of our everyday life, they set the framework for our collaboration. They promote our togetherness. We shape them with our own individuality. They ensure that we treat each other with mutual respect and an open mind.

Our Guiding Principles

 Different people with different gestures
 Different people with different gestures
 Different people with different gestures

Code of Conduct: integer, compliant, simply right

Inward-facing aspirations and outward-facing promises – the Code of Conduct combines our requirements to treat each other with integrity and to ensure legal compliance in all that we do.

In addition to our professional responsibility, each of us also has an ethical responsibility. After all, we can only move forward if we all act as role models. This is supported by our Code of Conduct, which is our orientation framework in everyday business.

Code of Conduct

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