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You can find further information on the Code of Conduct here:

Sarah von Kohout, Deutschen Telekom Service Excellence

Employee Deutsche Telekom Services Europe GmbH.

  • Deutsche Telekom is registered in the official transparency register for lobbyists in Brussels. 
  • Deutsche Telekom’s strategy, which describes the company’s goals.
  • Deutsche Telekom Guiding Principles, which provide guidance for putting the company’s strategy into practice.
  • "The Code (pdf, 203.7 KB) of Human Rights, in which Deutsche Telekom commits to respecting and promoting human rights (including ILO core labor standards). In addition, the human rights and environmental risks we have defined for the past year, including the measures and expectations derived from them, are published here."
  • The Group Policy on Employee Relations, which elaborates the relationship between Deutsche Telekom companies and their workforce.
  • Deutsche Telekom’s Group policies, e.g., the Group Policy on Accepting and Granting Benefits, the Sponsoring Policy and the Global Procurement Policy will be found on the intranet of Deutsche Telekom.
  • Regulations that are important to employment relationships, e.g., works agreements and collective agreements will be found on the intranet of Deutsche Telekom.
  • The German Corporate Governance Code, which was formulated by a government commission, constitutes Deutsche Telekom’s benchmark for good and responsible corporate governance.

Code of Conduct - Was uns ausmacht

What characterizes us

Business success does not stand above legal obligations nor is it unrelated to morality or integrity.