Verena Fulde


"Concept Buddy" - the sympathetic butler

With "Concept Buddy" we present the second design study for the router of the future. Deutsche Telekom will present all three studies at MWC 2024 under the name "Concept T".

The image shows a robot as a possible future router.

Concept Buddy. © Deutsche Telekom

With its big eyes and smile, "Concept Buddy" is a small robot that gives artificial intelligence (AI) a face. Thanks to AI voice assistants, it obeys the word, but can be controlled just as easily via gestures. He can distinguish the individual members of the household. This enables individual user profiles, such as the display of the personal calendar. 

Another plus is its mobility: it can ride its bikes around the apartment and thus, for example, measure the air quality in the rooms or strengthen the Wi-Fi in a targeted manner. In addition, the head unit can be removed, so that "Concept Buddy" can be comfortably taken anywhere at home, even in a smaller format.

Its built-in projector can be used in a variety of ways. For example, he turns "Concept Buddy" into a personal trainer who projects a video of the workout on a wall and - thanks to WiFi sensing - helps with the correct execution of the movements. "Concept Buddy" also makes itself useful as a watering assistant and displays the image of a rain cloud over the houseplants, reminding them that they need to be watered. It can also show magenta TV in any size and with 360-degree surround sound wherever you want. And when shopping online, large objects can make it easier to choose between different sports shoe models, for example.  

Of course, it also offers all the conventional router features. In addition, it can control the smart home and offers room monitoring for home security functions by means of WiFi sensing, for example. Sensors that measure temperature and humidity, as well as an air filter, help to improve the indoor climate. 

View of Deutsche Telekoms stall at MWC 2024 with slogan "Connecting your world".

Mobile World Congress

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