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Deutsche Telekom launches Forum for Digital Ethics

In order to leverage the full potential benefits of digital transformation and artificial intelligence for society, an ethical framework for these technologies needs to be established. Technology requires guidelines, and these have yet to be defined for the digital age.

Digital Ethics Forum

The Digital Ethics Forum is a place of exchange and participation.

That’s why Deutsche Telekom is actively focusing attention on the many issues arising from these new technologies. The catchphrase is “Digital Responsibility.” As part of its focus on digital responsibility, the Group defined the self-binding AI guidelines and encouraged discussion on the subject in April of last year.

Deutsche Telekom is continuing this dialog by launching a Forum for Digital Ethics on March 22nd. The venue will be in Berlin rather than headquarters in Bonn.

Quite frankly, there is no better location for this initiative than the Innovation Arena on Winterfeldstraße, Berlin. This is where Telekom Innovation Laboratories, hub:raum (the Group’s tech incubator), and the 5G Garage are located.

The venue was selected to promote discussion and participation. Discussions will include not only technology experts, business leaders and political figures, but also ordinary citizens who wish to express their concerns. Workshops and events are scheduled to take place in the Forum. Exhibits such as Moral Machine, Hello Barbie, Paro and others will provide participants with a hands-on experience to reveal what AI can and cannot do.

In other words: The Forum represents social dialog. Insights from this dialog will be included in the further development of ethical standards, not to mention the products and services of the Group.

Prior to the official opening, workshops have been held with students, senior citizens and business people – from start-ups to large enterprises. The topics under discussion centered around attitudes and experiences related to AI. Specific issues of significance to the future world of work were also discussed. The purpose of the dialog is to inform political figures and Deutsche Telekom about the wishes and expectations people have regarding AI. Deutsche Telekom will then discuss these matters in more detail with product managers and politicians.

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