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What enables robots or chatbots to think and learn as humans do? Answer: Artificial intelligence. There are many definitions of AI, mostly depending on whom you ask about it. A chatbot is a good example.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise.

It all starts with the term "intelligence." What does that actually mean? A definitive explanation does not exist. However, when it comes to artificial intelligence, there seems to be a degree of consensus among experts: AI is a computer program that performs tasks just as humans or animals routinely do.

The virtual assistant

One prime example is the chatbot, a virtual advisor that appears on a company website to answer questions from customers. In fact, a top-class search engine could even be called a chatbot. In other words, we are talking about a virtual assistant that has been fed special information by humans. The chatbot becomes more intelligent when connected with various databases which serve as pools of information for prompt and precise answers to questions. Of course, the intelligence of chatbots can be boosted even more if they are equipped with special software for building artificial neural networks.

A "self-learning" system

This enables them to form new links among neural units during the learning process, just like the human brain does. This results in a "self-learning" system. Let's look at the chatbot more closely: Machine learning enables it to recognize and react to emotions, to provide the best answers or solutions gleaned from previous conversations, to filter through other sources of information that can then be stored and put into practice. Writing, voice and face recognition are just three examples where machine learning plays a key role. The systems are not provided with preprogrammed solutions – instead, they independently solve problems themselves. 

Chatbot at

Tinka is a good example of a chatbot. This digital virtual assistant chats via text with customers on the T-Mobile Austria website and helps them resolve their issues. Around the clock.

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Ask Tinka

Tinka, the digital virtual assistant on the Website of T-Mobile Austria, answers the customers' questions instantly in text chat – around the clock. Now, just after her debut on Facebook Messenger, she will be appearing at the Deutsche Telekom booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.