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Secure service despite social distancing

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Online connections are more important than ever during the coronavirus pandemic.  Some customers are now even getting internet access for the first time in their lives. Just like Munich resident Horst Heinrich (82). Part 8 of our series "We are there for you".

Service technician  Christopher Herz installs the internet access for Horst Heinrich.

Service technician  Christopher Herz installs the internet access for Horst Heinrich.

Since his wife died in January, Horst Heinrich has been living on his own in the Blumenau neighborhood in Munich. The former technical draughtsman for Deutsche Bahn is still extremely spry despite numerous heart operations and goes out everyday on his electric bike for rides around Munich. His plans to visit the wildlife parks in Stuttgart and Vienna will have to be put on hold for the time being, however, thanks to coronavirus. Although he is in contact with his son Jörg nearly every day, the 82-year-old is feeling cut off from the outside world in the current situation. So he had an idea – it’s never too late to get online! “I actually never wanted to use the internet,” admits the senior, “but my son convinced me that it might be quite useful after all.” Together, they came to a decision: if we’re going to get internet, then we better do it right!

From 0 to 100 megabits per second in the space of a week

 His son booked the MagentaZuhause L package for him with a download speed of up to 100 megabits per second. The theme for his father’s Deutsche Telekom line was “from 0 to 100 megabits in the space of just one week,” since it was just a few days later that Deutsche Telekom announced the visit of the service technician who would be coming to set up a new telephone socket and activate the line.

The big day – with big safety precautions

Senior Horst Heinrich (82) with speedport router and the first smartphone in his life.

Senior Horst Heinrich (82) with speedport router and the first smartphone in his life.

There are currently strict safety precautions for when service technicians visit customers at home, which users are informed of in advance. The customer should disinfect the technician’s workspace in advance, thoroughly ventilate the area prior to the visit, and clear space around the telephone socket. The basement should be left open as the work may involve the building’s connection. This means the installation can be completed quickly, without the technician having to stay too long in the apartment. The minimum safe distance of 1.5 meters must be observed by both the customer and technician, of course. Any other residents should remain in different rooms. Horst Heinrich had everything ready as instructed when the service technician, Christopher Herz, called to say he would be there in a few minutes.

Internet access from the heart

 The technician, Herz (whose name means “heart” in German), had already activated the line from the nearby street cabinet. He got geared up at the entrance to the apartment: gloves, face mask, goggles, and overshoes. “We want to make absolutely sure that nothing happens.” Deutsche Telekom technicians also have full body protection on hand in case the risk factor in an apartment is particularly high. In any case, this wasn’t necessary when visiting the retired Horst Heinrich in Munich, who kept himself well away from Christopher Herz. Including a little detour into the basement – which had already been left open – the installation just took about 15 minutes. Christopher Herz could then report back, “I’ve tested the line, it’s actually over 100 megabits. Mr. Heinrich is online!”

Fully connected in the time of coronavirus

After his son Jörg set up the speedport router and connected the existing DECT telephones wirelessly, Horst Heinrich, at the age of 82, was able to get online with his tablet and smartphone, using his own Wi-Fi for the first time in his life. From web skeptic to near-pro in all things internet who listens to podcasts and uses FaceTime – it’s all worked out for Deutsche Telekom customer Horst Heinrich even amidst the current coronavirus situation, despite limitations on movement and contact restrictions.

Working at heights of up to 100 meters to ensure the best possible connections.

How we keep important work going

DT employees ensure that networks, service and connections remain stable during the Corona crisis.