Telekom cleans up at the Econ Awards

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A stunning team performance For the first time, multiple Deutsche Telekom units received simultaneous awards for their communications projects. At this year's Econ Awards five units, Corporate Communications, Deutsche Telekom Services Europe, Group Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications, Group Corporate Responsibility and Electronic Beats, jointly received the special award for integrated corporate communication, "Econ Awardee of the Year".

Telekom cleans up at the Econ Awards

The award winners for integrated corporate communication.

Berlin once again played host to the renowned Econ Awards ceremony. Over 200 guests attended the event where, for the first time ever, the "Econ Awardee of the Year" prize was bestowed on the competition's most successful participant. Deutsche Telekom was the company selected for this special honor.

Receiving a total of four awards, including the top platinum award in the Annual Report category, Deutsche Telekom marked a clear victory over its competitors and topped the company ranking for best integrated corporate communication. There were also silver Econ Awards for the image publication "What connects us", the app magazine  "We Care" and Electronic Beats' social media activities.

The core element of integrated corporate communication are snappy, incisive messages and targeted storytelling: from conception to execution and coordination between internal and external communication. In addition to devising strategies and goals, the key, above all, lies in innovative presentation of both company and brand personalities.

The Econ Awards are handed out each year by Econ-Verlag and the Handelsblatt Group to recognize excellence in communication.  Since 2007, they have honored the best work in corporate communication across German-speaking countries. There are various categories of Econ Awards.

The jury justified its decisions as follows:

2015 annual report "Answers for the digital future" (category: annual reports)

Deutsche Telekom's outstanding annual report impressed with its exceptional level of detail, readability, innovation and practical features. Underpinned by an augmented reality app that translates the topics and articles into multimedia content, it highlights the company's enduring sense of responsibility towards its customers in an increasingly complex, digital world.  In so doing, it not only provides an exemplary wealth of knowledge but also unique guidance.

"What connects us" (category: image publications)

The structure and texts of the Deutsche Telekom's publication are highly characteristic and exude credibility. The very attractive design is convincing thanks to its successful color scheme and a clearly well thought out structure. Simultaneously readable, entertaining and informative, like a coffee table book, this publication intended for employees sets out Deutsche Telekom's corporate values in unambiguous statements and provides a differentiated reflection of public opinion.

App magazine "We Care" (category: digital applications)

The magazine is persuasive because it presents important content at a high conceptual level. The topics are well thought out and prepared so as to convey entertaining, valuable food for thought for sustainable action.  This proves that there are creative ways for socially relevant topics to reach a wide audience. Choosing to publish it as an app magazine sets an ambitious example for all sustainability reports.

Electronic Beats (category: social media activities)

Telekom's Electronic Beats has been successful on various channels and reaches its target groups with quality journalism and unambiguous positions on relevant topics. The program is a credible source of information and lifestyle content on music, design, technology, fashion and art. It is always true to the prevailing zeitgeist and makes exemplary use of the full spectrum of social media. With this program, Deutsche Telekom successfully fulfills its brand promise that "Life is for sharing" in a superb and target group appropriate way.