Cyber Security

Even what seems before to be just negligible information..., when you aggregate them and integrate them, they could really create a very unique prism into someone's life....  Eyal Balicer

Eyal Balicer

Interview with Eyal Balicer

Eyal Balicer about cultural differences between the German and the Israeli approach and how this is related to Big Data and data protection.

Konstantin von Notz

Interview with Konstantin von Notz, Internet policy spokesperson for the German Green Party (Bündis 90/ Die Grünen)

The world is moving ever closer together as a result of digitization. When it comes to the digital sphere, however, there are cultural differences. It is this topic we want to discuss today with Konstantin von Notz.

„Jurassic Park“

Hackers – Inspiration for Filmmakers

Hackers – Inspiration for Filmmakers. They can be either a good guy or a bad guy. As a character they have often inspired filmmakers. Our "click trail" presents a few examples.  

Symbolic picture Cyber security

Joining forces in the fight against cybercrime: Germany's role in Europe

Threats from the Internet know no physical boundaries. As part of this increasingly networked world, the individual EU member states as well as the EU as a whole are committed to IT security. In Germany, state, industry and research have joined forces to tackle cyberattacks with an interdisciplinary approach.

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Telekom: Security can only be achieved together

Security can only be achieved together. Cyber criminals are growing more cunning. Conversely, sharing information and communicating transparently is an important step towards functioning security. Deutsche Telekom pays attention to five aspects of such transparency.