Opinion Manipulation Online

Opinion Manipulation Online

When lies become truth - about filter bubbles, social bots and sock puppets and how we are manipulated on the internet.

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Buzzard: An app for more democratic discourse

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How the Internet influences our democracy

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Strengthening democracy with fact checks

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How to recognize Fake News.


How to recognize Fake News

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Glossar: Opinion Manipulation Online

Important terms explained briefly.

Fake News

Fake news is information that conveys false claims or misrepresents facts. They can appear as text, but also in the form of images or videos, and are used for targeted and strategic opinion manipulation.

Filter Bubble

Filter bubbles lead to receiving information online that corresponds only to one’s own opinion. They arise from algorithms that analyze the activities of users on the internet and pre-select content accordingly. Through this mechanism, other arguments and perspectives are left out, which are important for forming one's own opinion.

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Get out of the bubble

Get out of the filter bubble - find out how the algorithm determines what you see on the net.


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