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The amount of data that is being created, reproduced and consumed worldwide is projected by experts to amount to as much as 40 zettabytes by the year 2020. That equates to 50 times as much data as existed only five years earlier.

Big Data in the Cloud.

40 zettabytes can be expressed as a number followed by 21 zeros, a number which according to scientists represents about 57 times the number of grains of sand on all beaches on this earth. The projections of the experts predict that the total volume of data stored on the earth is set to double every two years.

Big data in the Cloud

To manage these immense quantities of data, IT services are increasingly being shifted onto the Internet. As a pioneer and market leader in cloud computing, Deutsche Telekom offers a wide range of innovative solutions for consumers, SMEs and corporate customers.

Cloud computing has created a paradigm shift in IT. Data, processing power and IT applications are all increasingly moving onto the net. Customers can order such services on demand – almost as easily as obtaining power from a socket in the wall. Companies no longer need to buy their own servers, for example, nor to install and maintain expensive software applications.

Instead, they can buy all the IT activities they require on demand and save their data on virtual servers, paying only for the processing capacity and the services that they actually use. In this way they increase their flexibility and reduce fixed costs, without compromising on their need to access to their data anytime and anywhere. Consumers also know how to value the benefits of the cloud.

This way of providing services has led to the industrialization of IT resources, so that such resources are now supplied in a similar way to how we get our electrical power and communication services. This allows businesses to substantially reduce their information technology costs.

Increasing data volumes mean that the demand for cloud computing is constantly growing. Analysts are expecting worldwide sales of up to EUR 150 billion for this year. Market forecasts by Deutsche Telekom predict an annual growth rate of 24 percent worldwide for cloud-based services by 2016. According to network specialist Cisco, data transfer in the cloud this year accounts for one-third of global data traffic.

In fact, many applications from the cloud are already being used as a matter of course – from e-mail programs and Internet marketplaces to social media and streaming services for music and movies. In businesses, hospitals, administrative bodies and transport systems – cloud computing is widely deployed in situations where large quantities of data need to be stored and organized in real time.

Deutsche Telekom identified this trend early on. The Group has built up its expertise continuously since 2005 and now offers precisely the right range of products for every group of customers, whether consumers, SMEs or multinational corporations. Deutsche Telekom's long experience in the sector gives it a huge advantage over other cloud providers.

What is more, Deutsche Telekom offers all the components required for successful cloud computing from a single source: a powerful, reliable network, high-performance data centers equipped with the latest servers and with enormous storage capacity, and innovative applications offered in cooperation with software partners. And yet more again: customers can rely on the highest possible data security from Deutsche Telekom, based on strict German standards, where they specify that they want to use the German cloud. Last but not least, customer service is available around the clock, seven days a week.

 It's happening in the cloud.

Cloud Computing

It's happening in the cloud.